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Genocidio - In Love With Hatred Award winner

In Love With Hatred
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 22 December 2013, 7:06 PM

The Brazilian quartet GENOCIDIO is a legendary band, having almost 30 years of activity, always having as main feature the non conformism, being dynamic in each album, and with “In Love With Hatred”, their new album, they give one more step ahead.

They play Death Metal in a strong, powerful and technical way, with some sense of melody inherited from Thrash Metal, with excellent vocal works (Murillo does some variations, from extreme and harsh voices to more melodic ones), heavy and technical guitar riffs and melodic solos, and with bass and drums getting along, creating a powerful, heavy and well-worked basis. And there are some orchestral participation in the album,

Their extreme music is embodied by a fine production, for Marco Nunes knew how to give them weight, aggressiveness and power, but keeping the sound very clean to hear all instruments. The artwork is a fine piece, keeping away from the extreme Metal patterns, but GENOCIDIO never was a band to be bounded by patterns. They’re breaking rules since they started, back in 1985.

The most mature of the band’s albums, its word can describe in “In Love With Hatred”: perfection. And it’s better for having some special guests: Manu Joker (from UGANGA) does some vocals on “I Deny”, Vitor Rodrigues (from VOODOOPRIEST, former TORTURE SQUAD vocalist) appears in the same way on “Unseen Death”, and from Sphaera Rock Orchestra on “Birth of Chaos” e “White Room Red”.

The highlights: “Kill Brazil” (the video song, aggressive and fast, having nice vocals and great guitar work), “In Love With Hatred” (the guitars’ technique is excellent, and melodies become more evident in the solos), “Till Nothing Do Us Part” (a more slower song, with nice vocal variations), “Inner Afflictive Scare” (where bass guitar introduces the song and keeps fine in all the song), their version for MERCYFUL FATE’s “Come to the Sabbath” (great guitar and drums works!), and the two versions for “White Room Red” (the first being a more slower tempo, with some participation from the orchestra, and the second a fully orchestral version, all instrumental).

One of the best albums of the year.

5 Star Rating

1. Birth of Chaos
2. Kill Brazil
3. Reverse
4. In Love With Hatred
5. I Deny
6. Till' Nothing Do Us Part
7. Inner Afflicitve Scare
8. Unseen Death
9. Come to the Sabbath
10. Passion and Pride
11. White Room Red
12. White Room Red (Orchestral version)
Murillo Leite – Guitars, vocals
Rafael Orsi – Guitars
W. Perna – Bass
João Gobo – Drums
Record Label: Urubuz Records


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