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Gentihaa – Reverse Entropy Award winner

Reverse Entropy
by Keith Morash at 19 October 2019, 10:31 PM

GENTIHAA is described as a Symphonic Black Metal. Frankly, all the different subgenres give me a headache. For me I hear lots of Thrash Metal elements mixed in as well, which is music to my ears! (pun intended) Their latest installment “Reverse Entropy" was released on September 23 through Symmetric Records.

“Serum" is a melodic instrumental intro to the album that grabs my attention from the first note struck consisting of the two guitars playing the same lead but at separate octaves to create a harmonious sound, which picks you up and transports you track two. "Empathy" kicks off with a cool little riff, almost thrashy, almost groovy, but all metal. Andre's vocal style takes so many different shapes and keeps you guessing as to where he’s going next. “Vision" storms the gates of my mind with tactical palm muted machine gun fire coupled with double bass battery that no barricade could withstand.

“Alpha", definitely my favorite track from the album, comes in like a lamb, but the clean tone intro doesn’t last long before the aggression its holding back breaks free, smashing down everything in its path. The tightest little palm muted tremolo riff that you find throughout the song will leave you reaching for your guitar. Definitely repeat button worthy! “Command" will command your attention right from the very first pinch harmonic, to the very last click of the double bass. The last song we will hey into is “Mastery", and it is just that. A melodic masterpiece with a tone and feeling like nothing else on the album.

GENTIHAA have put forth a phenomenal album, in which an enthusiast of any genre can find elements to appreciate. As I diehard thrash fan, I can tell you I loved this album, start to finish, and I look forward to seeing much more from these guys. Well done!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9.5
Memorability: 9.5
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Serum
2. Empthy
3. Vision
4. Metamorphosis
5. Alpha
6. Beyond
7. Command
8. Mastery
9. Singularity
Andre Boutos – Vocals
Valgran – Guitars
Rös Dracùl – Guitar
Béheaal – Bass
Merenhor – drums
Record Label: Symmetric Records


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