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Gentrification - Deviance Award winner

by Alex Kirmayer at 05 November 2014, 3:23 AM

Ah… Female fronted Death Metal bands… ARCH ENEMY and THE AGONIST come to mind immediately but these German fellows are not quite it, and that is definitely not a bad thing… The intro/title track “Deviance” is mostly clean guitars, with half sung, half spoken vocals, which near the end turns to a distorted cool riff is a pleasant surprise in the current metal scene, especially with female vocalists, who for some reason it seems want to prove that they can scream harder and better than men. These guys do not deal with such trivial matters; their front woman knows her limits and doesn't try to pass them, something to applaud definitely.

"Sudden Death Syndrome”, as well as the rest of the album, is very protest related. Very thrash metal lyrics, with music that is more melodic death AT THE GATES-style than said heroes from ARCH ENEMY. Way more old school than most of what is on, and that is a definite compliment. "First World Collapse” blew me away. It really did. Melodic trash metal music, KREATOR-style kick in, and then, lo and behold, it's as if they have one of my childhood heroes, MILLE PETROZZA on vocals… Holy Sh*t. Perfect thrash metal monster! "Emancipate” sounds as if it was taken of a pre-Angela album of ARCH ENEMY. LENA is that good. Melodic death metal beast of song! Every element is there… Nothing is missing, or abundant on the other hand. The guys (and gal) know what they are doing… "Darkest Hour” is a plain straight Death Metal beast of song, definite mosh pit to no end on this one, and I'd be happy to join in, another plus on this album, which so far did not disappoint, at all… "For Greater Say” also like the intro, starts with spoken vocals and clean guitars, and basically the first part of the song, minus the choruses is with clean guitars. In the middle it switches to a mid tempo beast of song, also very very good like the rest of the album. "Aspiration” is a clean guitar filler, nothing to add about it but for some reason doesn't seem out of place here, and is even a welcome break from the merciless onslaught of the album. "Consumer Worship” picks up where “For Greater Say” left off; very melodic, blast-beat filled, melodic death song. As with previous songs, can't help my head from moving involuntarily up and down, and jeopardize my musical career by jumping into the huge mosh pit this song is destined to create… "With Compliments” is an old school death metal beast, which continues the same line of quality that the rest of the album shows. The album continues with the same line of death/thrash/melodeth songs through the rest, and all of them are absolutely great, all in all an awesome album, better keep a close look on this band!!

5 Star Rating

1. Deviance
2. Sudden Death Syndrome
3. First World Collapse
4. Emancipate
5. Darkest Hour
6. For Greater Say
7. Aspiration
8. Consumer Worship
9. With Compliments
10. If This Aint Hell
11. Venom In Our Veins
12. Modern Tyranny
13. Blood Circle (Gentrified)
Lena Winkel - Vocals
Rick Zander - Guitars
Maik Höing - Bass
Michael Gückel - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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