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Genus Ordinis Dei - EP 2016

Genus Ordinis Dei
EP 2016
by Garrett Davis at 02 November 2016, 10:05 PM

GENUS ORDINIS DEI (which I will abbreviate from here on as GOD) was formed in 2011 in Crema, Italy. Their first album was entitled, "The Middle", and in itself served as part of a planned three-volume story; with the first album being the second installment, rather than being released in chronological order. After a few more years of working together, GOD got the the opportunity to work with Maki Zelati from LACUNA COIL who helped produce this album. This short EP simply entitled "EP 2016" has Operatic and Symphonic elements tied up with Death Metal roots. The Death Metal shows through strongest in the vocals, whilst the music has that crisp cleanness that I always miss in Death Metal, and which really displays the Symphonic influence on the EP.

From the Ashes” has a Symphonic buildup at the start that let’s you know how big the scope of the album is going to be. When the guitars drop and lead into the raw vocals, they blend with the underlying Operatic synth and make for a powerful but slightly disorganised combination. “Embracing the Earth” includes some eerie spoken sections which pull you in and add a sense of unsettling depth. The third song, “Of Honor and Stone”, has an airy opening and a smoother sound overall; but this is pretty objective because it is still a hard-kicking piece that grinds down and displays the same force as the other tracks.

"That Beast Astray" has a Heavy Rock influence that almost tones it down by comparison to the rest of the EP - if it weren’t for the harsh, powerful vocals. It also employs some brutal drumming and good guitar segments. The biggest issue I have with this band is the same problem I see with a lot of Death/Symphonic mashups; it has this 'two-part' sound that never really blends well. Some bands such as KAMELOT manage to blend these elements well, but you often have to pick which influence takes centre stage. I was begging for something to set GENUS ORDINIS DEI apart, but I just wasn’t hearing it.

Digital downloads of“EP 2016” are available through Mighty Music Records, and t-shirts can be purchased through the GENUS ORDINIS DEI website if you are inclined to do so. GOD will also be joining LACUNA COIL's Delirium tour in the winter of 2016 for thirty-one gigs across Europe and the UK.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. From The Ashes
  2. Embracing The Earth
  3. Of Honour And Stone
  4. That Beast Astray
  5. Red Snake
Steven F. Olda – Bass
Richard Meiz – Drums
Tommy Mastermind – Guitars, Orchestra
Nick K - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Mighty Music Records


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