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Genus Ordinis Dei - The Middle Award winner

Genus Ordinis Dei
The Middle
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 January 2016, 6:17 PM

There are moments when you hear a band that is not famous and you can have a very good surprise. Because the so-called “savior” of Metal (the band that will grow greatly and take the whole style to a new level, like BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA did) will not come from the past, because old bands cannot do something different from what already exists. And let me tell you a thing: the ways are opened, and a Metallian must stay out of past ways. That’s the main reason I always condemn with justice clones, because they can’t be the solution for this moment on Metal.

But without a shadow of doubt, a good name for it can be GENUS ORDINIS DEI, from Italy, that comes with their first and excellent work, the album “The Middle”.

Yes, these Italian guys are really using a very good approach on Melodic Death Metal with some influences coming from Metalcore, and putting very good orchestrations in some moments. But their way of playing their music is extremely personal, an amalgam of various musical influences that is extremely different from what we all heard before. Yes, there's nothing that I have heard until this moment that could explain their music. So, it's something new, besides not a new style. But think in this simple way: IRON MAIDEN was born after traditional Heavy Metal existed, so…

The album's sound quality is really very good, clear, aggressive and heavy in the ways it must be. There's nothing more to speak about it than that.

Musically, they really are doing great. There's no need to speak that all their songs are really astonishing, but I dare to point to "The Fall", and its astonishing keyboards arrangements and aggressive guitar riffs, the technical and abrasive approach heard on "Word of God" (great broken tempos and excellent rhythmic session are presented here, but in a very elegant form), the beautiful "My Crusade" (what very good grunted voices, along with fine job on keyboards and guitars again), the almost Prog Metal work heard on "Cadence of War", and the hooking tempos and musical arrangements heard on "Battlefield Gardener" (an aggressive track, but having a good technical insight and some excellent melodies on guitars).

Yes, these guys have blood in their eyes, and the will to become great!

5 Star Rating

1. And Then…
2. The Fall
3. Word of God
4. My Crusade
5. Thoughts
6. Path to Salvation
7. Cadence of War
8. Ghostwolf
9. Battlefield Gardener
10. Roots and Idols of Cement
Nick K. - Vocals, Guitars
Tommy Mastermind - Guitars
Steven F. Olda - Bass
Richard Meiz - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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