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Genus Ordinis Dei - Glare of Deliverance

Genus Ordinis Dei
Glare of Deliverance
by Chris Hawkins at 02 November 2020, 5:50 PM

It is nothing short of fascinating to take inventory of the way that Metal bands have incorporated myriad ideas in pursuit of freely expressing those inspirations plucked forth from the ether.  As time goes by, lines essentially become more blurred regarding the separation of influences spawning new modes of creativity.  Enter GENUS ORDINIS DEI (referred to as G.O.D. from here on), a band hailing from Italy, formed some eleven years ago that stand ready now to drop their third full-length album, “Glare of Deliverance,” which coincidentally is also abbreviated by “G.O.D.”.  With all of these not-so-subtle divine references once has to ponder what their lyrical content or message (a most loathsome term) may be.  Despite sharing that same reasonable line of inquiry, all I can proffer is garnered from the notes provided in the band’s bio which state that the ten songs contained within are each an episode combining “in sequence like a short film or television series that tells the story of a young woman named Eleanor who is persecuted by the Holy Inquisition”.  One must admit to the inherent ambition involved in such a project so read on to become enlightened regarding the success – or failure – of this fervently impassioned undertaking.

Ritual” is perhaps one of the most grandiose symphonic intros yet committed to tape.  It is impossible to deny the Hollywood feel, an effect adding to the visceral nature of the track, and fitting opening to an ostentatious, bold venture.  Having not heard this band, I was extremely anxious to hear their sound.  “Hunt” follows and is just the sort of snapshot needed to grasp the band’s approach.

First, it must be stated that this is an extremely well-produced recording.  As such, it is easy for the listener to quickly become absorbed in the awe-inspiring proceedings.  The guitar tone is on the cutting edge of modern Metal tone, full of plenty of midrange frequency containing the girth necessary to truly pop out.  The bass sound has just a bit of dirt and a prodigious amount of presence allowing it to retain its own identity while also enhancing the fullness of the overall sound when it locks in rhythmically.  The percussion is muscularly stalwart and could really be viewed as the foundation of the band’s sound as it delivers hefty grooves and emphatic double-bass throughout.  Vocally, the dry lung approach is accentuated with clarity and definition, an articulate growl with ferocious character.

The main point of contention with this album, however, is the elephant in the room, the keyboard-led orchestrations.  Those of us unable to relate to the style of a band like FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE (myself included), will not be naturally inclined to the sway of “G.O.D.”.  Will this be a deal breaker then?  After listening to the album play through, it is hard to predict how individual tastes will align, but what can be said is that there really is substance here beyond the extremely polished delivery.  Open minded listeners will be able to relate to the band’s modus operandi for as the album plays through and one becomes more ensconced in the proceedings, the delivery of massive grooves like fourth track, “Examination,” heightened aggression as displayed in sixth track “Judgement,” and the dramatically prolific eighth track, “Abjuration” reveal a band that delivers some of the most devastating riffs in pursuit of their bold vision.

In some ways, it seems like providence that I received this album to review, that is, an auspicious outcome for this band.  Precisely because this is an album outside my normal realm of preferred listening, the effect of being won over by the album’s expansive scope, gleaming polish, and superb musicianship is made that much more impactful.  Simply put, this is a band much like a MESHUGGAH or LAMB OF GOD in that although their style may lie outside the realm of one’s preferences, there is simply no denying the scope of their music.  G.O.D. are indeed heavyweights in modern Metal, a band that will surely grab the attention of fans across the globe and win over some stuffy, disillusioned veterans like myself in the process.

Songwriting:  8
Originality:  7
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Ritual
2. Hunt
3. Edict
4. Examination
5. Torture
6. Judgement
7. Dream
8. Abjuration
9. Exorcism
10. Fire
Steven Olda - Bass
Richard Meiz – Drums
Tomasso Monticelli – Guitars, Keyboards/Orchestration
Nick K Cadrigari – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Eclipse Records


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