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Geoff Tate - Geoff Tate (CD)

Geoff Tate
Geoff Tate
by David Kaluza at 17 July 2002, 1:36 PM

This review could have been very short, since the first word that springs to mind after listening to Geoff Tate's solo album is boring, immediately followed by why.
It's perfectly understandable of course that when someone does a solo album it's bound to take a different course than that persons main band, and in Tate's case this is no different.
Unfortunely he couldn't have possibly choosen a worse path to follow than this - some form of balladesque easy listening music devoid of any emotion or tension whatsoever. (really, I wouldn't even play this as background music in a shopping mall, being worried that i'd put all the customers to sleep).
There really isn't anything on this album that I can recommend, even Geoff himself doesn't seem to be in the best of shape, his voice often flat and uninspired, which, it has to be said doesn't do any of the (already boring) songs any good. In comparission, this album makes Queensryche's weakest effort (Hear In The Now Frontier) seem like a gift from God.
Honestly, I don't feel very well about slagging off someone who used to be one of my favourite metal singers around, but these recordings just don't cut it - it could be of course that the songs gain some sort of extra dimension or something when played live which isn't showcased or notable on the album itself, but honestly speaking I doubt it. In short, only die-hard Tate fans should even consider buying this, personally, i'll focus on the future and hope that the next Queensryche will make me forget this below average effort.

1 Star Rating

Every move we make
This moment
In other words
Off the tv
Grain of faith
Over me
Geoff Tate - Vocals
C. Fox - Bass
Evan Schiller - Drums
Howard Schillcot - Keyboards
Jeff Carell - Guitars
Scott Moughton - Guitars
Record Label: Sanctuary


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