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Geometry of Chaos – The New World Order

Geometry of Chaos
The New World Order
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 May 2022, 3:02 PM

GEOMETRY OF CHAOS is the new project from Fabio La Manna, mainly guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and writer of the music and lyrics, and Davide Cardella, drummer, and much more. The project is the fusion of his solo work and what remains of ALCHEMY ROOM band, in their last period with Davide on drums. It has a fresh new Metal Progressive sound with a lot of influences from Classic Rock, Alternative and Cinematic music. The album contains eight tracks.

“Idolatry” leads off the album. It begins with some heavy accented rhythms that are echoed in the bass, with a good deal of dissonance. The vocals don’t quite connect with the other instruments here. At times, it seems the band is exploring, but the more I listen, the more I pick up on some phasing. “Joker’s Dance” opens with a bit of a swinging sound from the main riff. A little more melody is let in here, but a dark cloud hangs over the song. The mid-section is nice and airy however, with some really solid lead guitar and bass work. “Spiral Staircase” begins with a more straightforward riff along with some keys. The smooth vocals are easy on the ears, but when he stretches to the upper ranges, he loses some of the pitch. Again, the bass work is really nice.

“Garage Evil” features some heavier sounds out of the gate, along with some keys and decent shifting in and out of meter changes. The lead guitar work is just a bit on the sloppy side. As it moves forward, you can hear a little amateur work in the song. With today’s production values, I wonder why the label didn’t try to fix this. “Observer” features some female vocals and has a dark, clean guitar entrance. Some more phasing errors come into play again. Though the song presents a different sound, I have to wonder what they were going for here, as it never really gets off the ground. “Saturated” begins with more heavy accents that get stuck in the mud. The vocals are really not pleasing at all, and the melodies do not connect at all with the song. The lead work here is at least decent, and he seems to know how to follow a melody line.

“Premonition” begins with a slower and more emotional pace, but again, I question where the song is heading. The harsh vocals are completely unnecessary as well, and are fairly bland. Much of the album’s songs linger way too long and fail to make much of a point. “Soldiers of the New World Order” closes the album. The dark and mysterious entrance hold your intrigue. But as it moves forward, it again mires in the notion of holding that space too long. Sometimes, project albums can be really hit or miss, and this one was largely a miss. The band is talented, and they are so close to making an album that really had impact. But a few missteps turn to a few more, and before you know it, the sum of the album was really just mediocre.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 2
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Idolatry
2. Joker's Dance
3. Spiral Staircase
4. Garage Evil
5. Observer
6. Saturated
7. Premonition
8. Soldiers of the New World Order
Fabio La Manna
Davide Cardella
Marcello Vieira
Ethan Cronin
Elena Lippe
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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