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German Pascual - A New Beginning

German Pascual
A New Beginning
by YngwieViking at 25 October 2012, 1:36 AM

If you have already read some of my past reviews on, you know that I’m a big fan of the whole Scandinavian Power Metal scene, you may also knows that I’m a big supporter of the South American bands (especially the Brazilians) and perhaps you should notice that I have a soft spot for the Christian Metal things or at least for the positive message delivered through those kind of melodic Metal Genre.

So, when I read that singer Germán Pascual, born in Uruguay, has just released the first album of his solo career under the name of "A New Beginning", my blood started to boil. This guy is one of my favorite new discoveries. In fact his elysian performance on the 7th NARNIA album "Course Of A Generation" was terrific and one of the most impressive factors. Finally there was a concluding element that leads to great success and that’s why this album reach N°3 in my in famous top 30 of 2009. So it’s pretty clear, this release was a true divulgement for me and now it’s stand proudly filled as a classic album, forever writing with big golden letters, at least in my book.

Pascual is also a part of DIVINEFIRE, where he shares vocals duties with Christian Liljegren aka Rivel (ex-NARNIA / WISDOM / GOLDEN RESURRECTION and boss of the Doolittle Records group), and has launched worldwide CD "Eye Of The Storm" in early 2011, he lived for years in Brazil, but his great success was achieved in Sweden, where he started with MIND’S EYE (“The Afterglow” in 2008) just after that he was recruited to be the new lead singer of NARNIA, considered by the fans as one of the icons in the Christian Scandinavian Power / Neo-Classical Metal. He was also compared to other major international Heavy Metal Tenors as Dio, Lande, Coverdale and others in reviews from all over the world. He was also nominated as the Best Metal Vocalist of 2009 in the website "The Gates of Metal" from Portugal. In January 2011 Germán Pascual held in Brazil his first solo tour, playing the great classics songs of NARNIA and also featuring some from his new project.

From start to finish the album is obviously superior as many of the releases, on the overstocked Power Metal market; “The Wrath Of God”, “Misty Dreams” or ”Fate Of The Blinds” are among the best inspired tracks, but still no fillers in sight, and even the only track sung in Spanish '”Cancion Con Todos” is amazing, showing another heavenly stylistic side. The Japanese edition feature a bonus-track called “Life Among The Dead” with performances by the Wejnesjö brothers of the VENI DOMINE fame.

The music displayed here is more or less in the same vein as great Swedish acts like NARNIA / CLOUDSCAPE / DIVINEFIRE / INCRAVE / HARMONY / FULLFORCE / GOLDEN RESURRECTION / NOCTURNAL RITES / DARKWATER / REINXEED etc. or if you prefer a sort of ideal prototype as SYMPHONY X meet MASTERPLAN. With such related comparisons the standards are set very high, but you won’t be disappointed at all. The parameters criterions were all full filled by a cast of holy players , that is like a who’s who of the mighty Swedish scene-alliance-family or a Soldier under command Dream-team composed by blessed and talented members from SOULSPELL / ECLIPSE / NOVAK / ROYAL HUNT / AUDIOVISION / HERO / AEON ZEN / PLANET ALLIANCE / SAVIOUR MACHINE / ALMAH / FORGED WINGS etc.

So I hope that you can perceive of what you can reasonably expect: Great musicianship with divine guitar shredding sections, quite complex and intricate progressive structures but also some more direct Euro Metal vibes, solid song-writing with many hooks, smart and clever lyrics with discreet oriented gospel topic. The whole with a voice unquestionably masterly calibrated between Russell Allen/ Rob Rock and Bruce Dickinson in their high fashion point of reference. The production is quite good and reminded me a lot the AT VANCE,”Ride The Sky'' (with Swedish  virtuous  & upright singer Rick Altzi) perfectly sheer sound…If you love at least one of the many mentioned bands, you can’t go wrong. Don’t miss it. Run and purchase it with closed eyes and be amazed by my last breakthrough revelation worship.

4 Star Rating

1. Seek the Truth
2. The Wrath of God
3. If the Sky would Fall
4. Misty Dreams
5. Open Your Eyes
6. I Call for The One
7. Unbroken Wings
8. Come Ease the Pain
9. Fate of the Blind
10. Cancion Con Todos
Germán Pascual- Lead Vocals
Raphael Drafas – Bass/Programming
Per Schelander - Bass
Guilherme Oliveira - Keyboards
Martin Hall - Lead Guitar
Carl Johan Grimmark - Lead Guitar
Thomas Plec Johansson - Lead Guitar
Jani Stefanovic - Lead Guitar/Keyboards
Torbjörn Wejnesjö - Guitar
Thomas Wejnesjö - Drums
Erik Marteensson - Backing Vocals
Andreas Novak - Backing Vocals
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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