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Ghost Avenue - Even Angels Fail Award winner

Ghost Avenue
Even Angels Fail
by Quinten Serna at 07 September 2020, 8:42 AM

Not to be confused, in whole or in part, with GHOST—though such already bouts had already come to pass in years now gone—GHOST AVENUE, is a lean and efficient machine whose sole production is Heavy Metal. Now in their 18th year, though 7th since their name change, the band continues to thrive and strive towards the reaching goal of creating grand and melodious works.

Even Angels Fail” commences with the track, “Best Of The Best,” whose opening has a sound more convincing of a band opening for their set in front of an arena audience, following the conviction of the drums the song’s focus is shifted to the leftmost guitar who serves as a lead-in for the rest of the band to join; the song as a whole centers around the grandeur of an individual, perhaps a parallel to the band? The next song, “Breakdown,” starts immediately in the faded absence of the previous track, opening with some manner of phaser or flanger joined by a rhythm playing a lead which becomes the backing for the verse.

The Fallen” consists of a shifting rhythm whose opening contains a lead playing off such concepts; the break draws attention to a marching snare and an over embellished bass whose turn has been completely inverted, both of which segue the solo. “Hero” establishes a bit of a faster progression than those tracks preceding it; the song parodies the conceptualization of being a hero by comparing it to the euphoria felt via being center of attention from a person or an action. In final regards the last track, “Even Angels Fail” starts with an acoustic arpeggio progression which moves onto strummed following its conclusion—the whole of the band joins in near the 1 minute mark following the same manner of progression albeit in heavy laden attributes. The song tells the story of a traditional fall from grace, the darkness and malignance which accompanies such as told through the medium of Heavy Metal.

The instrumentation of something visceral and surreal, the guitars and heavy and form-fitted with great expertise; the bass is centered, balanced, and heavy without compare; the drums are well balanced among the whole of the instruments; and the vocals are ever reaching and gritty, somehow contain elements of aggression and exasperation within a well-defined delivery.

Even Angels Fail” holds some great tracks within its contents, all of which amount to 50 minutes of run time, longer in effect than some movies. GHOST AVENUE does a remarkable job in commanding the attention and focus of the listener and showcase their aptitude all in the same passing of time; this album is definitively of great substance and grand repute.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Best Of The Best
2. Breakdown
3. Wasted Generation
4. The Fallen
5. Still Craving
6. Take Cover
7. Northman
8. Hero
9. A Violent Disturbance Of The Peace
10. Even Angels Fail
Magnus Liseter – Bass
Petter Lein – Drums
André Berger – Guitars
Thomas Elijarbø – Guitars
Kim Sandvik – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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