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Ghost City - Tragic Soul Symphony Award winner

Ghost City
Tragic Soul Symphony
by Craig Rider at 19 April 2016, 10:42 AM

What’s up, Metal maniacs? I’m here once again to give you an insight on this Italian quintet, performing Symphonic Power Metal – GHOST CITY, signed via Underground Symphony Records.

Power Metal has to be one of my favourite genres for its entertaining value, positively uplifting nature, and just a musical adequate that usually delivers fine musicianship and instrumental integrity. And GHOST CITY does just that. They are a band that has been around since 2008; they had a 6-year hiatus only to come back in 2015 with a full-new album: “Tragic Soul Symphony”, recorded at Elfo Studio by Daniele Madelli. (FORGOTTEN TOMB, DARK HORIZON, TRAGODIA)

What’s fascinating about this release is that it is what makes Metal so great; insanely epic riffs, symphonic harmonies, powerful instrumentation, and quality vocal ranges. Granted you can hear the Italian accent in Francesco “Civo” Civardi; but he has talent and definite quality in those vocals that suit this kind of genre atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, the Power Metal mixed with the symphonic nature of Gothic-like realms, really works well. Raffaele “Salo” Salomoni on the guitar performs some insanely fun riffs that has some groove value to it; Alex Battini on the keys really showcases some epic notions notably found in the epic “Slaves of Yourself”, “Lord Byron” and others, and with the added powerhouse of Emmanuele “Meme” Torchio performing some crushing bass solos and Paolo “Deve” De Vecchi on drums, evidently doing the same; this is a quartet who combine quality excellence in their musicianship and as a first release, I’m utterly impressed.

See, Metal can be used in any kind of form; you just need the willpower and sense of that duty to unleash the talent within. GHOST CITY are an enjoyable ride that will draw the listener in for more; while granted some riffs sounded down-toned without much “power” to bring to the body, but I believe that’s down to keeping the Gothic atmosphere in-check and it really works, especially in “Hypocrisy” and “Nobody Will Be You”, implementing the keyboards make for some nice, and evidently epic atmosphere that keeps the Gothic mood well balanced. I have to note that in “Ghosts (From Your Inner Abyss)” contributed some amazing and brilliantly loud screams that make this a note-worthy track; if you love your Eric Adams/Rob Halford-like screams, do yourself a solid and check this track out. It’s incredibly unique with its added violins placed and mind-blowing screams of molten-metal…

Direless Future” holds some anthem-like solos with a hint of thrashable power that just simply sounds really good, this is basically the album in a nutshell…some songs are slower like “Sleeping Black Beauty” which keeps everything I’ve mentioned in-check and more. And with tracks like “Living Agony” and “Fate”; I can safely say that this is a soundtrack of apocalyptic, and epic proportions.

If you love rhythm and powerful melodies and just top-notch quality screams of steel…then GHOST CITY shouldn’t be frowned upon; I was very surprised with what I heard, this production was evidently created with the listener in mind…not just the creator, taking very good care of how it would sound for maximum enjoyment. There is something for everyone here and you should at least check “Tragic Soul Symphony” at least once; you’ll do yourself a great service by doing so.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hypocrisy
2. Nobody Will Be in You
3. Ghosts (From Your Inner Abyss)
4. Desireless Future
5. Sleeping Black Beauty
6. Living Agony
7. Fate
8. Slaves of Yourself
9. Lord Byron
Francesco “Civo” Civardi - Vocals
Raffaele “Salo” Salomoni - Guitar
Alex Battini - Keys
Emmanuele “Meme” Torchio - Bass
Paolo “Deve” De Vecchi - Drums
Record Label: Underground Symphony


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