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Ghost Iris - Apple of Discord Award winner

Ghost Iris
Apple of Discord
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 February 2019, 12:55 AM

Not only is GHOST IRIS one of the leading Progressive Metalcore bands out of Denmark, but also serves as a perfect example for the modern day musical market. Having started as a DIY internet phenomenon in 2015 the band not only managed to build a strong team behind them, but also made their mark in the main metal community in a rather short space of time. In 2016 the band achieved having the most streamed Danish metal album on Spotify at 1.6 million streams, and at the time of writing their general streams are in excess of 5 million.

GHOST IRIS is now gearing up to release their third album titled “Apple Of Discord”. The album will reflect the fundamental transformation the band has made since their founding only a few years ago. A transformation based on relentless motivation and optimism, personal and musical progress & growth and numerous touring experiences. The album contains ten songs of intensity, wrath and of course: the antidote. With "Apple Of Discord,” GHOST IRIS is aiming to step up their touring game even more and will be heading out on multiple national and international tours throughout 2019 and onwards.

The title track leads off the album, a two-and-a-half minute opening instrumental, setting a somber and dark mood for the album. Guitar melodies hang gently in the air, building an ominous feeling. When the main riff comes in you feel a sense of euphoria that is hard to describe. “The Devil’s Plaything” is a mid-tempo grinder with heavy, harsh Death vocals over a bed of subtle melodies. The clean vocals come in high, soaring into the heavens. The rhythm of the guitars is pure Djent bliss. “Final Tale” is heavy and aggressive out of the gates, with powerful guitar accents. The clean vocals in the chorus force a rush of emotions over you, washing away the smoke left from the heavy Djent rhythms.

“After the Sun Sets Pt. II” is strong and fierce in its foundation. The clean vocals don’t offer much of a reprieve from its aggressive nature. It is pure intensity and rage. “Beauty in Expiration” has some subtle melodies and soaring clean vocals above a heavy bed of rhythms. The rhythms begin to dance around in advance of the final chorus. This song offers some really pretty melodies. “The Rat and the Snake” opens with an intense heaviness that threatens to crush the life out of you, with thick Death vocals coming deep from within. It doesn’t let up either, exploring the darkest recesses of your mind and occupying every bit of hate in your soul. “Heaven was Pure Hell” breathes a little better, opening with clean vocals that are soon wiped out by raging Death vocals. They let out some more melody here but it does not overtake that firey intensity that runs throughout the album.

“Cowardly Pride” opens with a mid-tempo pace and crushing guitar attacks, like bombs going off around you in every direction. The guitar riffs are dissonant at times and it borders on pure noise…not a criticism, but just an observation. “Magenta Moon” has a lot going on. It comes right at you like a caged animal freed to eat for the first time in days. But again they pour the melody overtop, coating it in melted sugar. “Virus” closes the album, with more rage than perhaps any other track. It lets up for just a bit around the half way mark, but returns angrier than ever with absolutely ear shattering clean vocals.

Overall, I’ve heard a variety of Progressive Metalcore lately as this genre continues to grow and grow strong. Much if it contains more moment of melody than you will find here. Though, they are fierce and play with much conviction, and the anger is deeply felt. The intensity never lets up either. This is a strong album in this regard, and I recommend you give it a listen.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Apple of Discord
2. The Devil’s Plaything
3. Final Tale
4. After the Sun Sets Pt. II
5. Beauty in Expiration
6. The Rat and the Snake
7. Heaven was Pure Hell
8. Cowardly Pride
9. Magenta Moon
10. Virus
Jesper Vicencio Gün – Vocals
Nicklas Grønlund Thomsen – Guitars
Daniel Leszkowicz – Guitars
Sebastian Linnet – Drums
Record Label: Long Branch Records


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Edited 08 February 2023

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