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Ghost Lights - Zero Dark One

Ghost Lights
Zero Dark One
by Destroya Dave at 27 January 2016, 8:39 PM

“Zero Dark One” is the debut album from Swiss Djent-merchants, GHOST LIGHTS, and it would seem to confirm some of the clichéd preconceptions of Heidi’s homeland. The band members all play very well and have obviously spent their time learning and mastering their craft, delivering a very tightly-played package. The syncopated rhythms mean that if you try to tap your foot along to this one you’ll get it wrong, as they are constantly changing. The dissonant chugging low-tuned guitars and sound effects are however pieced together as intricately as a designer watch. So these guys have obviously put in their hours practising and rehearsing during the long cold winters in order to deliver a slick, professional album.

But having said that, the overall listening experience also left me rather cold. The production is very complex, but also very sterile. Great technical playing doesn’t always make for great song-writing, and although the first impression is stunning (like being bludgeoned around the head, they really are pretty heavy), there isn’t enough variety throughout the album, which means the initial impact wears off the more you listen. The vocals also suffer from repetition, and unfortunately are unintelligible so work better as another instrument rather than conveying any lyrical message. Some greater variation in the tonality, some lights and darks in the dynamics, would far better serve the end product.

In places it reminds me of early FEAR FACTORY, in others it’s like PRO-PAIN remixed by MINISTRY. This may be one for djent or metalcore purists.

1 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Downcast
3. Oppressive Magnetism
4. Of Desire and Denial
5. Center of Rings
6. Hollow Hope
7. N.0.1.R.
8. Diamond Snake
9. Revelation
10. Involution
11. Fox from Shuya
Kevin - Vocals
Mauro - Guitar
Dave - Bass
Ralph - Drums
Record Label: 7hard Records


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