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Ghost Of War - Only Death Is Real Award winner

Ghost Of War
Only Death Is Real
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 10 April 2014, 10:35 PM

GHOST OF WAR is a Metal band from right here in my neck of the woods, Gettysburg Pennsylvania to be exact. One of the most metal towns around, surrounded by the battle fields of the civil war. You can take a ghost tour while you jam to these guys all night. HAHA Anyways, GHOST OF WAR is a band that I can say that I am proud to know. I have met all of the members, and they’re all great guys. They put on a hell of a show, and have tremendous energy. “Only Death is Real” is their debut cd and it is just awesome. There are elements of thrash melodic death, and you can tell that there influence is very broad. That is obvious by the ending track “We’re An American Band”. Everybody knows that song and the metaled up version on this album is exceptional.

The vocals are the half harsh half clean mixed with that ever awesome clean scream. Ronnie definitely has an awesome clean scream, there’s no doubt about that. The guitar work is incredible. It’s fast where it needs to be, slow when it needs to be, and the solos are quite sick. The drum work, as well, is just awesome. Jim Mathis is a great drummer. He has the double bass skills, and he has the speed and control that all drummers reach for. The bass is likewise great. The album begins with “This is Not a Test” which is a realistic sounding warning broadcast that really sets the mood for “Only Death is Real”. As a whole the cd flows very nicely. It also is nice and versatile. The album is not repetitive in any way. The nice mix they have going on is made better by the melodic edge they have. Great melody, great flow. Yes, this cd is worth a listen maybe 2 or 10.

All in all, these guys just kill it. There is nothing about their music that can’t be enjoyed by any Metalhead. (Unless you’re all death all the time) The album is awesome, and I recommend seeing them if you are ever able. They will keep you head banging, that’s for sure. Personally I can’t wait for the next album to come out.

5 Star Rating

1. This is Not a Test
2. Only Death is Real
3. Heavens Burning
4. Beautiful Lies
5. Fire
6. Future of the Past
7. She
8. Falling Into Eternity
9. Intro to__________
10. Absolute Nothing
11. We’re an American Band
Thane Farace - Guitars
Ronnie Peterson - Vocals
Jim Mathis - Drums
Gary Daniels - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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