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Ghost Ship Octavius - Ghost Ship Octavius Award winner

Ghost Ship Octavius
Ghost Ship Octavius
by Camila Guimarães de Almeida at 25 October 2015, 7:59 PM

Dubbed as a “melodic progressive heavy metal band” GHOST SHIP OCTAVIUS rain riffs down on us from the US, and include a couple of members in their roster that you may recognise: Matt Wicklund of GOD FORBID and HIMSA fame, and Van Williams from ASHES OF ARES and NEVERMORE. Taking the vocal helm is newcomer to the scene, Adon Fanion, whom will, I’m sure, prove himself, regardless of how lucky he is to have two such already-established musicians by his side. In their self-titled debut, they bring a very rhythmic sound off the bat from the first song, in "Saturn and Skies", with melodic vocal lines that strongly remind me of PAIN OF SALVATION. In "Alive" the sphere of the song already has heavier riffs with a battery that brings the tone and appropriate pace, accompanied by well positioned bass lines throughout the song.

In "Silence" the introduction begins with a song somewhat melodious with simple keyboard and then a very aggressive guitar accompanies a vocal line with a lower tone, bringing a dark ball perfectly embedded with lyrics and melody. In "Mills of the Gods" we have besides a great song one lyric video quite interesting which brings great taste components.

Also worth highlighting are "In Dreams", "Pendulum" and "Fate Is Blind" the latter track on the disc that ends this epic with a low, melodious voice accompanied by an instrumental ranging between aggressive and delicate nuance throughout the disc, sounding beautiful and without trying to “show off” unnecessarily.

Regardless of whether or not they are a relatively new band, their all-star line-up promises a supergroup-esque performance expected from those already solid in the metal scene. Incidentally, the formula throughout the disk fits perfectly, a road long-trodden by weary and worn boots.

5 Star Rating

1. Saturn and Skies
2. Alive
3. Silence
4. Mills of the Gods
5. In Dreams
6. Pendulum
7. Bloodcaster
8. Epitaph
9. Burn Away
10. Sea Storm
11. Fate Is Blind
Van Williams - Drums
Matt Wicklund - Guitars
Adon Fanion – Vocals and Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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