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Ghost Toast - Shape without Form Award winner

Ghost Toast
Shape without Form
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 February 2020, 8:14 PM

GHOST TOAST is an Experimental, Instrumental Prog-Rock band from Debrecen, Hungary. From their Facebook page, “we love heavy, trippy music and movie scores as well, so we use these elements to create something that is special to us. We are passionate about making music, and try to put all our hearts into our songs.” “Shape without Form” contains eight tracks.

“Frankenstein’s” leads off the album, with a pretty little piano melody and some somber tones building in the background. When the guitars come in, the Progressive elements are more noticeable. The guys work in a tight synergy. “Eclipse” is over eight minutes in length. Heavy accents attack and then diminish into a cloud of smoke. It’s like a living, pulsating thing comes alive in your room. The melodies aren’t quite as big as the rhythms but it still works very well. The keyboard melody is indeed spacey. It comes together nicely towards the end and these guys know to create and build layers.

“Y 13” opens with some trippy piano and key notes. That cello can be heard as well and it’s wonderful. Some odd spoken words come into play and the song begins to build. Bass notes can be clearly heard as well. Those trippy piano notes take the song to completion. “Hunt of Life” opens with some light bass notes and drums and female spoken words. It’s odd, peculiar, but pleasing. She begins to sing a bit and the song takes on a different feeling…like something from the East. “Follow” opens with some light and mysterious instrumentation and you feel like something big lurks around the corner. It has an OZRIC TENTACLES feeling to it…that psychedelic twist. The guitars come in and take it to a darker place. Piano notes come back and the drums and guitars hit big, heavy accents.

“Before anything Happens” opens with some psychedelic sounds…some spacey keys and light drums, with subdued elements building in the background. The piano carries the melody for a spell before the guitars take over. This song is so well crafted and they haven’t missed a beat along the way. At over eight minutes in length, “W.A.N.T.” closes the album. Spoken word hints at “this is our land…a peaceful land…shape without form…shape without color.” An aggressive and melodic passage hits hard and then it’s back to the spoken words. They dance with one another like the cobra and the mongoose, locked in mortal combat. The piano notes after the half way mark are absolutely mesmerizing and they have me hook, line, and sinker. It crescendos nicely towards the end, hanging onto that somber melody as it washes away to tortured screams and a low fade-out.

Overall, wow, was I impressed with this album. They are masterful songwriters and their ability to gain nuance from every note is impressive. The sheer diversity of sounds presented is astonishing as well. They play with melodies like the creator plays with the universe. The band exhibits such precision in a genre that demands no mistakes, and the band makes absolutely none. They also play like they have been together for many years as a foursome. This is exceptional Instrumental music that leaves no stone un-turned.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Frankenstein’s
2. Eclipse
3. Y 13
4. Hunt of Life
5. Follow
6. Before anything Happens
7. W.A.N.T.
Papp László – Drums
Stefán János – Bass Guitar
Pusker János – Keyboards and Cello
Rózsavölgyi Bence – Guitar
Record Label: Inverse Records


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