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Ghost - Opus Eponymous

Opus Eponymous
by Yiannis Doukas at 19 December 2010, 3:12 AM

There is a mansion out there, built during Victorian times that remains lost and forgotten. But if you ever found yourself near, one rainy night in the mesmerizing midnight hour, you will notice the presence of something evil and supernatural waking up. And there is no better musical background for this house’s ghost than “Opus Eponymous”.

Apart from the KING DIAMOND description above, the are many reasons for this simile. The mystical veil is a basic parameter for the Swedish GHOST since except their origin nothing further is widely known. I guess some persons there have a lot to do with some other popular bands and more specific with one of the best Death Metal albums of the zeroes but let’s keep this mystery alive and adding nothing further. This album is their debut and before it Iron Pegasus had released the “Elizabeth” 7” with two tracks: the self – titled and “Death Knell”, both of them can be also found here but in the 7” are a little bit different recorded.

Their simplicity of the songs have something that I could describe as an aristocratically aura. There is nothing superfluous inside or without importance making them extremely solid and strong. I could place them near a less heavy MERCYFUL FATE guitar style probably due to the same influences from the 70ies with the Danish two axe attack. The names ALICE COOPER, BLACK WIDOW and early JUDAS PRIEST can also add something to the description. The second basic thing in their sound is without a doubt some NWOBHM bands starting from WITCHFINDER GENERAL (I hear a lot of them inside “Opus Eponymous”), WITCHFYNDE Satanism or DIAMOND HEAD and MAIDEN. Talking about MAIDEN, GHOST are not far away from a more diabolic and delicate version of IN SOLITUDE with more content and depth in their riffing making them more special. The last name I must use is THE DEVIL’S BLOOD whose importance here must be surely underlined. It’s not only some parts like the ending of “Ritual” or in “Stand By Him” that by the way are pure ecstatic; it seems that GHOST are baptized in the Satanic font of the Holland’s occultists.

The vocals in the beginning may sound glassy, like a dead spirit talking to you but after a few listening sessions you will notice some very memorable lines capturing you. The sound is perfect, clean and very physical, every instrument’s breath is next to your ear and this makes me love this record more and more. The whole package becomes even better with the good artwork, simple inside with the lyrics but with a very good cover; especially this fading blue color with the ghoulish face fits perfect.

It may sound hyperbolic, and the truth is that many times in the past some metal press put some bands in such high levels that it should not happen, but here I believe that GHOST have released the best debut of 2010 or at least one of the biggest surprises. The band right now gains a lot of attention for several reasons and for some this could be a trammel for checking them out but they definitely deserve it. Listen to songs like “Death Knell” and praise Satan along with them.

4 Star Rating

  1. Deus Culpa
  2. Con Clavi Con Dio
  3. Ritual
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Stand By Him
  6. Satan Prayer
  7. Death Knell
  8. Prime Mover
  9. Genesis
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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Edited 01 December 2022

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