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Ghostbound - Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme

Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme
by Craig Rider at 20 April 2021, 9:00 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GHOSTBOUND; signed via Red Nebula Records, performing Black/Prog Metal on their debut EP entitled: "Extended Play For Mary Thyme" (released March 26th, 2021).

Since formation in 2018; originally planned as a solo project from actor/musician Alec A. Head previously named TIMSHEL back in the day, the new and better name GHOSTBOUND forged ahead with a new host of a lineup to provide you with a healthy dose of some Prog Metal amalgamations. With their previous deliverance being their debut album: "All Is Phantom" (released June 1st, 2018), I'm introduced to their debut EP entitled: "Extended Play For Mary Jayne". 5 tracks ranging at around 29:13, the quartet in question arrange an intricately designed formula on some meticulous Black/Prog Metal developments.

Opening up with a gust of wind within the savage seas; spiralling through the vast yet mystifying whirlwind of the oppressive and blasphemous coast, this wildly rushing riff strums with an extreme flicker…until this kind of melancholic ritual chimes a bizarre approach from the tensely ferocious Black Metal myth that "We Are Already At Sea" starts with. Melodic yet ethereal intrigue elegantly advances with this electric acoustic, both forging an atmospherically complex outrè on majestic panache & sanguine mergers of progressive yet technical manifestations that rhythmically ramify with this otherworldly surge of sulfurous synergies that revel with harmonic èclat while this thunderous hint in catchy calamity fabricates a unique spectrum on versatile vehemence that will transfix you with mesmerising intrigue.

Consisting of mastermind Alec A. Head who performs on the mellifluous vocals that yells with throaty pipes of high-pitched euphony, he also implements an enriching flavour of jumpy experimentation in hybrid grinds on rocky transparency. The orchestrations meticulously excel at an ambient finesse as a desolate resonance marvels with organic substance while sublime vibes revolve through the punchy surroundings of soulful richness, "Ada, Age Of Eight" contrasts this with full force as another acoustic sensation revolves with an electronic remedy while the vocals operatically sings with quintessential virtuosity to the patterns of quirky yet vibrantly potent songwriting musicianship. Talha Alvie on the majestic synthesizer also adds a calming essence to the mix with this quaint sync on overarching tonality, all conceptually angelic but heavily rocking while marvellously tranquil for good measure.

"Bosun's Lament" has an enchanting suite of chirpy yet upbeat outbursts while drummer David E. Richman exquisitely taps the set with easy beats, nothing outrageously rambunctious or pile driving, but a healthy slab on some solid zeal that salubriously injects an infectious chisel also from audible bassist Noah Shaul. Implementing a spoken word section near the resolution while the jazzy transfusion within the penultimate titular track distils a relishing overture on some rapturous songwriting musicianship equalities approaching towards the epic finale of "Seaward" overall concludes "Extended Play For Mary Thyme" in a spectacular fashion.

Bottom line; an enjoyable experience, and a discovery worth taking note for all Prog Metallers… however, it's a little on the light edge. A storytelling representation that articulates in a conceptual flair, while GHOSTBOUND are great at what they do, it falls flat for me within the architecture of the echos and vibrations that seem very slow, personally. Yet! If you're into this kind of thing, certainly check it out. They outdone themselves with some profusely robust Prog Metal rockers that will keep your attention flowing swiftly.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. And We Are Already At Sea
2. Ada, Age of Eight
3. Bosun’s Lament
4. For My Sweet Mary Thyme
5. Seaward
Alec A. Head - Voices/Guitars/Orchestrations/Atmospherics
Talha Alvie - Guitars/Synthesizers/Orchestrations/Atmospherics
Noah Shaul - Bass/Orchestrations/Atmospherics
David E. Richman - Drums
Record Label: Red Nebula Records


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