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Ghoulgotha - To Starve The Cross

To Starve The Cross
by Lotty Whittingham at 18 December 2016, 6:16 PM

Merging two sub-genres together can either have a great outcome or unfortunate consequences. In the case of San Diego born GHOULGOTHA they seem to have it done right down to a tee. Their latest release ‘To Starve The Cross’ reinforces this factor. Their mixture of Doom and Death works and this album shows this.

They released a demo in 2012, the year where the worldwide fear of the world ending was the news on most minds at the time. Since then it appears they have built up a growing fan base. With several more releases over the past few years it appears they are here and mean business.

The record itself is an interesting listen. The echoed effect around the vocals give the record a very Black Metal feel, EMPEROR partially come to mind when the vocals are heard. The production on this record has an old school feel yet it has a tint of modern technology. Looks like this is what the band means when they say they mix the old with the new; also applying to different influences this band has.

Each track there is something mildly different, for example you have the sweeping song ‘Abyssic Eyes’ that will no doubt bring synchronised head banging at live shows, the rapidness of ‘Damp Breeze Of Sleeping Veins’ reminds one of the track ‘Angel Of Death’ by Bay Area Thrash icons SLAYER and Black Metal like ‘Thou, Beneath Ligaments Foul’.

For critics of Death and Doom Metal may not find this the easiest record to listen to, the tunes have mildly different elements that make each track sound similar to the previous one.

For fans of this sort of metal and the band itself, it will be an absolute treasure for them, particularly if any of these tracks were to be showcased at a live show.

3 Star Rating

1. Village of Flickering Torches
2. Pangaea Reforms
3. The Sulphur Age
4. Abyssic Eyes
5. A Lord In The Shattered Mirror
6. Damp Breeze of Sleeping Veins
7. Visceral Seas
8. Thous, Beneath Ligaments Foul
9. Wounds Immaculate
10. A Holy Book Scribed By Wolves
Charlie Koryn - Drums
Wayne Sarantopoulos - Vocals, Guitars
Ian Mann - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Dark Descent Records


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