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GHUSA - 25 Years of Death Metal

25 Years of Death Metal
by Jessica Pearman at 21 June 2015, 9:25 PM

Hailing from France, GHUSA has been writing and creating Death Metal since their inception in 1989. “Letter to My Son(s)”, the bands first and only full-length album was released in 2006. The band also has just a few EP and demo releases to speak of. However, GHUSA is back with their compilation album “25 Years of Death Metal”. This album is two discs that is made of their first full-length that has been re-mastered, their EPs and demo recordings re-mastered, and a few unreleased tracks thrown into the mix.

Disc one, the “Come Sweet Death” EP, starts off nicely with “Casket Garden” a DISMEMBER cover. The vocals are hard and crisp with the perfect grit and growl to them. The bass is hard hitting and meshes well with the guitars riffage and the drums blasts. Track two “No God for the Living”, GHUSA’s own creation keeps with the tone of the first track, but created a much faster tempo piece. The vocals still spit their splendor while the guitars really take hold of center stage, while the drums and bass follow closely behind. “No God for the Living” really shows off the style these guys are most noted for in their own work. Track three includes the ENTOMBED cover “Blessed Be” which was gloriously redone. “Genocide is another original that is a bit slower to start but picks up as the track progresses. It is just another track that shows the musicianship of this foursome. The final track on Disc one is “Soulless” a GRAVE cover. This track finishes the first disc out nicely with a unique intro and a bass and low guitar heavy track.

Disc two GHUSA’s first full-length album with additional tracks thrown in. You can hear a difference in production from Disc one to Disc two, however, the music is still incredible. The chunky bass with the various guitar riffs that keep changing and keeps the music interesting and the drum blasts all incorporated into cohesive and enjoyable tracks. There are too many to give a full run through on, so here are a few of the tracks that had impeccable musicianship and entertaining aspects; “The Nail”, “A Letter to My Son(s)”,  “Nechama”, “The Wind”, “RU486”, and “I Want to Give”. It is interesting to hear the changes that take place throughout the album. “The Wind” has incredible bass play and guitar work, which instantly draws me to this track. It’s on the album twice and both are gloriously written.

GHUSA hasn’t had many releases, and putting most of them on a compilation album seemed a little much, but I don’t think so. Each track is so defined and different yet keep the same sound. It doesn’t get boring or overwhelming listening to it for a longer period of time. If you like Death Metal, GHUSA is for you and “25 Years of Death Metal” is the all in one stop to hear their work throughout their tenure.

3 Star Rating

Disc 1
1. Casket Garden
2. No God for the Living
3. Blessed Be (ENTOMBED cover)
4. Genocide
5. Soulless (GRAVE cover)
Disc 2
1. The Nail
2. I’m Not the Only One
3. Letter to My Son(s)
4. Violation Domain (BENEDICTION cover)
5. Nechama (The Jon’s Song)
6. Ponctual Choice
7. The Color
8. The Wind
9. Silence
10. RU486
11. The Warrior
12. Promo Tape 1994
13. I Want to Give (Bonus)
14. The Wind (Bonus)
15. Goblin vs Troll (Bonus)
L. Chuck D. - Vocals, Guitar
Heimdall - Bass
Vincent Bigaillon - Guitar
Fred Patalas - Guitar
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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