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Gillmore - Rigor Mortis Of Soul EP (CD)

Rigor Mortis Of Soul EP
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 05 July 2008, 3:35 PM

Although GILLMORE is very young in the music industry they have already released one single, Farce of Nature and the EP The Demon Archives that was also their maiden move. The band hails from Finland and features musicians whose background is not genuine Metal.
Sea Of Brutality opens the EP with an almost Power Metal attitude in the catchy guitar riffs and the melodic vocal lines. Actually, Brother Ammo's voice has a distinct timbre that brought to my mind FALCONER's  Mathias Blad. The song is catchy and features interesting keyboard background melodies that bear an almost Hammond organ vibe. Farce Of Nature brings some Heaviness in the forefront and even more striking keyboard sounds. Without being groundbreaking GILLMORE have put some nice finishing touches that make their music worth at least checking out. The lead guitars work fine here while the rhythm ones could reveal some LAKE OF TEARS influences from their Forever Autumn era. Rigor Mortis Of Souls continues in the same almost Heavy pattern bringing the band closer to originality at least through my looking glass. Under The Flag Of Blood is the best song of this release mainly due to very good IRON MAIDEN guitar riffs during the break before the end and the atmospheric keyboard work.
Taking into account all the different tastes I got while listening to Rigor Mortis Of Soul I concluded in this GILLMORE are still experimenting with their sound during their search for their own musical identity. Their nice ideas found in this five piece EP may hide something good for the future that is just waiting to be discovered.

3 Star Rating

Sea Of Brutality
Farce Of Nature
Rigor Mortis Of Souls
Under The Flag Of Blood
Brother Ammo - Vocals
Sami - Guitar, Vocals
HD - Guitar
Peke - Bass, Backing Vocals
Petu - Drums
Record Label: Poison Tree Records


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