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Ginger Red - Donuts and Coffee Award winner

Ginger Red
Donuts and Coffee
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 12 January 2019, 5:37 AM

In these times, Rock and Metal fans have seen the rebirth of old ways of playing these genres. There are thousands of bands trying to be like on the past, forgetting the most important aspect of music itself: to be yourself. Yes, because to sound honest and really good, you must sound like yourself, not like other bands that already left their records as heritages for fans. But the German quintet GINGER RED is a fine excuse, as “Donuts and Coffee” is here to show!

Their musical work can be labeled as Hard Rock, Classic Rock or something like that, with the atmosphere of the bands from late 70's or earlier 80's, and it bears some AOR elements as well. The melodies are accessible and easy to be understood, the technical level is just enough to fit on what the band wants to play. It’s filled with an amazing energy, sounding alive, and personal. The sound quality isn’t trying to be like the one used by the bands from the past. No, it’s more into something modern and clean, bearing the right touch of aggressiveness (that comes from the instrumental tunes used). It sounds alive and spontaneous, like a rehearsal on a good studio, with a “plug and play” feeling.

Solid as a rock, their musical work can seduce even the most extreme Metal fan in the world. Yes, because if hooking songs like “Come Close” (aggressive guitars creating excellent melodies, and what lovely chorus), “Idolmaker” (a Hard Rock melodic crunch exists on it, and what a great work from the vocals), “Donuts and Coffee” (a more accessible song, with catchy harmonies, great chorus and simple tempos), “Loving My Chains” (a Hard Rock piledriver, with perfect melodies and chorus and a solid rhythmic work), and “Twelve Lonely Steps” don’t get you, you’re dead, or dumb. Or both! And by the way, these songs were pointed just as a reference, because “Donuts and Coffee” is excellent from the first second of music to the last one.

GINGER RED had come to show how to use the old ways to build a great and personal work, and maybe “Donuts and Coffee” can be said as one of the greatest albums of this year.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Come Close
2. Idolmaker
3. Donuts and Coffee
4. So What
5. Deep Silence
6. Loving My Chains
7. Song of Love
8. Twelve Lonely Steps
9. The Edge of Time
10. Get Down
The MAD -Vocals
Tom Weise - Guitars
Jörg Bracht - Guitars
Jay Woodman - Bass
Michael Stein - Drums
Record Label: El Puerto Records


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