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Girlschool - Guilty As Sin Award winner

Guilty As Sin
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 December 2015, 10:53 PM

Better beware, dear nephews and nieces, because the Girls are back for some action!

Yes, the legendary quartet GIRLSCHOOL, after four years since "Hit and Run: Revisited". They are the most important band for those interest in female bands, because these girls form the first successful Heavy Metal group formed exclusively by women (OK, I know RUNAWAYS, but they weren't a Heavy Metal band, mind you all). It's a pleasure to see these wild and savage girls back with "Guilty as Sin", their new album.

Their style did not change too much throughout these more almost 40 years of action (they're active since 1978), it's the same Heavy Metal/Hard Rock with clear Punk Rock influences, powerful, nasty and musically accessible. Hooking choruses, great melodies, but nasty moments from earlier Punk Rock (remembering that Denise played on Punk Rock bands in the past), what gave them the moniker "Sisters of MOTORHEAD", and very inspired songs. Not extremely technical and always done with heart, their songs show what they are about, and what more could we expect from them?

Tons of energy and great songs!

Their songs are sounding organic, nasty, heavy and clean as always, but when we see the name of Chris Tsangarides as the producer. Obviously, he get their best, because the sound is not too modern or full of technological corrections. It sounds alive and savage, but with a fine nasty elegance.

The hooking and savages ones "Come the Revolution" (a bit more filled with some bluesy feeling on guitars, along with fine vocals, and great chorus) and "Take it Like a Band" (nasty, full of the Punk Rock energy, with fine work done on bass guitar and drums). The musical accessibility of the abrasive "Guilty as Sin" (yes, these girls know how to make something aggressive and accessible at the same time, with bit of AC/DC influences and the song flows with very good guitars, especially on solo). Excellent "Awkward Position" (with a slow tempo, a heavy weight work from drums and again, very good nasty vocals), their Rock'n'Roll version for "Staying Alive" (an old Disco music hit by BEE GEES is very interesting as the guitars are used to reach some extremely high vocals tunes). "Painful" - with its hooking tempos and fine vocals, the almost Punk Rock song "Night Before" (here the new moniker - "Skirted MOTORHEAD", really gains sense.) Very nasty and tasteful guitars, fine bass and drums presence and that nasty Punk Rock/Rock'n'Roll essence from their earlier times. The hooking and almost Glam Rock exiting song "Tonight" can be named as their finest moments on this album was created with a homogeneous level of musical quality.

The Girls want to rock you around, so let yourself go and bang your heads!

5 Star Rating

1. Come The Revolution
2. Take It Like A Band
3. Guilty As Sin
4. Treasure
5. Awkward Position
6. Staying Alive
7. Perfect Storm
8. Painful
9. Night Before
10. Everybody Loves (Saturday Night)
11. Coming Your Way
12. Tonight
Kim Mcauliffe - Vocals, Guitar
Enid Williams - Vocals, Bass
Jackie Chambers - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Denise Dufort - Drums
Record Label: UDR Music


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