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Girlschool - Hit And Run (Reissue)

Hit And Run (Reissue)
by Jess at 02 April 2017, 7:28 PM

GIRLSCHOOL for a third time? I think so. This time it’s their 1981 release “Hit And Run”, their second full-length album. This comes in just one year after their first release “Demolition”, previously reviewed. Already knowing these ladies are fierce musicians with a classic NWOBHM sound, this album should not disappoint. “Hit And Run” comes in with eleven original tracks, fifteen total, and a listening time of 48 minutes.  Track one, “C’mon Let’s Go”, starts off like something you would hear in the Progressive world. It quickly turns to a drum meets guitars bash off. One thing that is different from the first album is we get to experience some dual vocals. I find that very appeasing as their vocals differ greatly but contrast wonderfully. The solo at about the two-minute mark solidifies this track as you classic 80’s NWOBHM. It’s a fun and energetic track.

The Hunter” is a bass heavy track with a much lower all over tone. With that type of name, it’s pretty evident that we will be drawn much deeper in to this track. At about 1:50, we get to hear more bass play that completely shuts the track down, then entire the guitars that keep the Rock solidly alive. The vocals are a bit more mute, but keep that feminine flare.  Track four, “Kick It Down” is the Metal track of the album. There is just so much in this track that punches through the sub-genre B.S. and delivers an immaculate Metal track. The guitars amp this one way up. At about 1:30 they rip through the track creating an incredible solo that, if you weren’t hooked before, you are now.

Tush”, GRILSCHOOL’s version of ZZ TOP’s classic is phenomenal. I don’t think they could have done any better than what they have here. The vocals are fun and flirty and the music is absolutely banging. The track had me restart it over once it was over, because I enjoyed it so much the first time.  The album’s namesake and track seven “Hit And Run” comes in heavy and hot. The vocals are a bit higher pitched, but again, they use their contrast to create an interesting mix. The bass is heavy and hard and the guitars keep the track groovy. The drums, which I know I haven’t given much love to but deserve it no less than the rest, really stand out in this one.

Back To Start”, track nine, comes in much heavier and has a kick ass bass and guitar off. These are again the less harsh of the vocals and those paired with the thick and chunky bass create a unique feel. It gives the album an incredible boot of newness, but still keeps the band’s unique energy and liveliness.  The final track on the original album “Future Flash”, comes much more different than the previous tracks with a more ‘church-esque’ feeling that quickly turns hard and unforgiving. The bass is chunky and fun, the vocals range from the harsh female to a whispered vocal, the guitars slide through and provide some really great finger work, and the drums are fun and keep the entire track knitted together. The end sort of returns to that same tone from the beginning, ending the album in a moan.

GIRLSHCOOL’s second album release “Hit And Run” is my favorite album of the three I have reviewed. There is so much energy and so much musicianship poured into this release that, you just couldn’t miss it. “Hit And Run” is the epitome of the 1980’s, the Rock and the Metal and of women bad-assery. Check this album out.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. C’mon Let’s Go
2. The Hunter
3. (I’m Your) Victim
4. Kick It Down
5. Following The Crowd
6. Tush
7. Hit And Run
8. Watch Your Step
9. Back To Start
10. Yeah Right
11. Future Flash
12. Please Don’t Touch (with Motörhead)
13. Bomber
14. Tonight
15. Demolition Boys (Live)
Kim McAuliffe - Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocal
Enid Williams - Bass Guitar and Lead Vocal
Jackie Chambers - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Denise Dufort - Drums
Record Label: Dissonance Productions


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