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Girlschool - Believe (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 22 September 2004, 10:18 PM

Well, the year's 2004 and monster bands from the past still gather up to present notable releases, efforts that stand proud among lots of pointless CDs out by newly-formed acts. The state gets better when we 're chatting about an all-female band, maybe the most eminent to ever appear in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene. Ladies & gentlemen, Girlschool strike back and you better look out 'cause these ladies ain't foolin' 'round!!!
Girlschool were formed back in late 70's in Southern London, UK by Enid Williams (bass) and Kim McAuliffe (guitar), then classmates. First name of the all-girl band was Painted Ladies, then turning to Girlschool a year later. The band's punk-meets-hard-meets-heavy sound resulted in drawing some UK labels' attention, which led to the ladies' first single Take It All Away on the independent City Records label. Girlschool supported Motorhead on their tour promoting their Overkill album in the spring of 1979. In December 1979, Lemmy (a good friend to Girlschool throughout their career) set up a rehearsal / audition which was attended by Gerry Bron, the president of Bronze Records. That was it! Going into 1980 armed with a solid UK fan base and a recording contract in their pocket, Girlschool went into the recording studio with producer Vic Maile and recorded their debut album, Demolition, charting in England's top 30. Their follow up album, Hit And Run(1981) established Girlschool as a top Rock act in the UK by hitting number 5 position in the album charts with the same-name single reaching #32 in the singles chart.
At that time, Girlschool (or Bronze) started showing interest in being heard across the Atlantic. Thus, the majority of the releases to come out afterwards had a well-built US-oriented sound disorientating the band from its core style. In addition, during the 90's the band was waving up-and-down between semi-split-ups, other project participations and 'School releases not that compeer for the band's respected - during the 80's - status. This bring us to today's going…
First thing to be mentioned: Believe has a British-based production clearly encouraging the girls' will to present their raw and street-feeling compositions. Dirty rhythms flow in each tune and Kim, Enid, Denis and Jackie seem to be in great shape. It's a fact, however, that the band's music is more on the side of Punk Rock rather than something Metal-ic enough, still it's not something far away from the good old Girlschool spirit. Some tunes brought to my mind artists like Joan Jett, Iggy Pop or Marc Bolan, while the classic Motorhead touches show up especially in Enid's and Kim's performance. We don't expect anything that sophisticated from the lyrics section, nothing more than hymns to the rock 'n' roll way of life (and further).
Simplicity and honesty, that's what Girlschool's all about. The female alter-ego of Motorhead - now digging more in their influences - is back, for their 21st century slice of the pie! For the old fans: Don't miss the chance to - at least - hear it. For the fans-to-be: Grab the band's first two releases (previously quoted) and afterwards give the yourself a chance and the band to bring the 80's memories in the updated today's shape through Believe.

4 Star Rating

Come On Up
Lets Get Hard
We All Love To (Rock 'n' roll)
New Beginning
Never Say Never
You Say
Feel Good
Hold On Tight
Yes Means Yes
We All Have To Choose
Play Around (Bonus Track)
Passion (Bonus Track)
Enid Williams - Bass & Vocals
Denise Dufort - Drums
Kim McAuliffe - Vocals & Guitar
Jackie Chambers - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Communique Records


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