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Giuntini Deathline – V

Giuntini Deathline
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 June 2021, 1:08 PM

Beginning his musical journey in the Progressive Rock band CRYIN’ EARTH, Italian guitarist Aldo Giuntini left in 1984 in order to pursue a solo career. After meeting fellow guitarist and sound engineer Dario Mollo in 1988, Giuntini began working on an album under the name GIUNTINI PROJECT. The next two years were spent with writing and rehearsing material, and during this time he was approached by English producer Kit Woolven, who had been impressed by early demos and produced the album along with Mollo. It was another two years before Charles Bowyer was enlisted into the band as a singer and the band's first, self-titled album was finally released in 1993. Since then, Giuntini has released three other solo albums all with Roman numerals for titles.

“V” is his latest release, and contains twelve tracks. “Spooky Man” leads off the album. It opens with heavy guitars and harsh vocals. The rhythm section is particularly thick. It slows to a lead guitar solo. The sound returns, and then there is a fadeout. “Winter Murder” is more of the same sound. It could be interchangeable with the previous track. It was a quick three minutes, nearly indistinguishable in sound. “Human” opens with a slower groove, some weighted guitars and a long scream. The riffing however is fairly simple. This song is very dark, and brooding.

“Serial Killer” begins with a faster and more brutal sound, with meaty guitars and machine-gun drumming. The harsh vocals are particularly hateful here, but they mix in some cleans as well. The clean guitars are a short change of pace, but the dominant sound here is heaviness. “This Will be our Escape” is again more of the same. If the band concentrated on some diversity, it would be nice. “Blood” features some rap-like cadence in the harsh vocals, but they lay in the open note and pound it into your head. “Imagine Death” is unfortunately more of the same. Intensity can only go so far on an album, before it becomes an annoyance.

“Lost the Way” leads me to start sounding like the repeat parrot. I’m not even sure what I can at this point. Every damn song sounds the same. I am at a loss for words, completely. “Another Soul” is…you guessed it…exactly like the other songs. There is at least a little bit of Progressive elements here in the way the band skillfully manipulates the meter, but it doesn’t counter that repetitiveness. “Consumed by Darkness” is the same damn song again. I can’t listen to another minute of this album.

My biggest problem with the album is that many of the songs sound the same. Twelve songs are presented here, and with that many tracks, and so many of them similar in length and sound, you have a recipe for failure. There is no shortage of talent here, it’s a shame that most of it had to go to waste because of the mediocre songwriting.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 2
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Spooky Man
2. Winter Murder
3. Human
4. Serial Killer
5. This Will be our Escape
6. Blood
7. Imagine Death
8. Lost the Way
9. Another Soul
10. Consumed by Madness
11. 6 Feet of Dirt on Your Soul
12. Stab in the Dark
Aldo Giuntini – Guitar
Eric Castiglia – Vocals
Leonardo Bacchiocchi – Drums
Davide Pesce – Bass
Record Label: Giuntini Records


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