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Gjenferdsel - Varde

by Yiannis Doukas at 09 May 2010, 10:05 PM

GJENFERDSEL (damn these Scandinavian languages, you could suffer from tongue wrench with these consonants) are hailing from Norway and probably they are so proud of it that you can admire them in a photo with their country’s flag. They play -as they call it- Black Metal and of course by hearing their devotion to their roots you may expect some frozen nightmares here. Well, Norway does not have only good Black Metal bands but also some for circus presentation and I’m afraid that GJENFERDSEL take their influences from there.

A music with harsh vocals and ultra melodic fast riffs deeply following patterns like the recent ‘jewels’ of bands like IMMORTAL. Their style is very commercial -at least for my ears- and in a way too shiny. Black Metal? Didn’t we say that here we will listen to Black Metal? Well, just forget it. In some other parts they try to take influences probably from their national music but in the end what is left to me is songs like “Strid” that looks like soundtrack to a gipsy festival. GJENFERDSEL are trying to express the common things, you know, mountains, snow, forests blah blah blah along with a semi depressive feeling as you looking at them. Not bad for an influence but they fail to present it to their listener. As I said, their looks is so much pop - ish and everything is well definite made and so clean that gives you very few reasons to follow them.

When first started listening to this record one cold night I felt a great enthusiasm in the beginning by listening the intro and the first track “Illverk” parallel watching the cover. The truth is that this song is amazing and there is a video for it that you can watch below. The big advantage is the last minutes and this special riff that comes from nowhere. Well, yes this is a serious composition reflecting what the band probably had in mind but unfortunately what follows is a disaster. Another characteristic track for GJENFERDSEL and their second album is “Intet” where they almost copy IMMORTAL giving a gig spirit to their song. If you like the epic approach coming from bands like AMON AMARTH etc, maybe here is something for you. And although their vacuum in giving some spirit and soul to their tunes we cannot deny that everything sounds well – played and the drumming is in some parts is nice.

2 Star Rating

  1. Vardoger
  2. Illverk
  3. Vesaldom
  4. Intet
  5. Strid
  6. Desember
  7. Regin
  8. Iaktatt
  9. Nid
  10. Manngard
Iudex – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Invictus – Drums, Bass
Record Label: Ketzer Records


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