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Glass Casket - Desperate Man's Diary (CD)

Glass Casket
Desperate Man's Diary
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 16 December 2006, 5:13 PM

When I saw this CD, the name GLASS CASKET rang a bell. I know these guys from somewhere but I can't remember where. Anyway, this is one more release from Alveran Records that falls into my hands for review and I think that I am ready to begin. Fasten your seatbelts and let's go…
GLASS CASKET is an American band that was formed in 2001. Formerly known as GARDEL, they had released only one EP. After changing their name to GLASS CASKET, they released a demo CD that earned them a contract and the release of their debut album We Are Gathered Here Today (2004). This is their second full-length album, which as they state will be one of the most sought after metal full lengths of '06!
Equipped with a very good production and a high level of technique, GLASS CASKET are here to scream loud that they are here to stay. Do you want to know if they managed to convince me? To tell you the truth, even if these guys produce a pretty good mixture of Hardcore and Grindcore (you may call it Deathcore even if it is a bit softer), I didn't find this release interesting enough to keep me alive until the end. I admit that there were moments I was a bit bored. However, the point is that I still find this release very nice! I know it doesn't sound logical but that's how it is. This album has its catchy moments, its Death Metal outbreaks and even some (very few) Black Metal melodies. Fortunately, it is not a crappy Metalcore album (that's what I first thought). I still don't know why I was bored while listening to it. Maybe I was tired or something, I don't know…
Desperate Man's Diary is an album than can be described at least as decent (if not good). I suggest you try to listen to it and judge for yourselves. As for me, I think I am going to give one more chance to it in the near future.

3 Star Rating

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Adam Cody - Vocals
Dutie Waring - Guitar
Ian Tuten - Guitar
Sid Menon - Bass
Black Richardson - Drums
Record Label: Alveran Records


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