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Glitter Magic - Bad For Health

Glitter Magic
Bad For Health
by Angela “MetalDancer” Van Der Kreeft at 03 May 2012, 12:21 PM

GLITTER MAGIC was founded in 1998 in Brazil as a joke for a birthday party with an 80s theme. Guess that joke turned out to a serious fun because GLITTER MAGIC didn’t stop playing after that birthday party. In the contrary, they did play on festivals, had several member shifts, but they just kept on playing and growing till it was time for their debut album “Bad For Health” released independentlyin the beginning of April 2012, a Glam / Heavy Metal album with a serious wink to the 80s glitter and glamour rock.

However, “Bad For Health” by GLITTER MAGIC is also clearly from this time and contains influences that weren’t there yet back in the 80s, giving them a Heavy Metal depth sound at the same time. On the other hand, some things are just timeless. Great guitars, bass and drum work can be timeless, but so can some voices inside a song be. That also goes for the singer Rhee Charles who was able to add some kind of TESLA vibes to some of the songs with his voice that sounds familiar at some points, but different and new on other. But he’s clearly not alone. To make an album like this, team work is needed and that’s how they sound, like a team.

Like a team machine on the roll… that’s how the album “Bad For Health” starts with the title track "Bad For Health", that’s more Heavy Metal fast than Glam soft. Second song "The Dreamers Disease" is more the other way around with room to sing along and a relaxed solo guitar work. This is something I love about this album. The songs have depth, without being thrown into it. It’s clear confronting in a Heavy Metal way, but the Glam part makes it feel less attacking even when the song’s clearly an attack. The way they did find their path through the various genres creating their own sound turned out to be a journey that’s fun to listen to.

GLITTER MAGIC spreads magic with their combination of genres, but also with their great work handling their instruments. “Bad For Health” does hold great guitar work, jamming bass lines, rolling drums and piano tunes. Not planning to write about every single song on this album, but they’re all worth a listen. GLITTER MAGIC is a band with a lot of potential and their debut album “Bad For Health” is actually quite good. It makes me curious about their next album.

4 Star Rating

1. Bad for Health
2. The Dreamers Disease
3. Don’t
4. Snake Blood
5. Heal Me
6. Breathless
7. Amnesia
8. Living On Addiction
9. Loveproof
10. Daring The Dawn
Rhee Charles - Lead Vocals
Luqui di Falco - Guitars
Mauri Moore - Guitars & Vocals
Glux - Bass & Vocals
Andy Ravel - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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