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Glittertind - Evige Asatro (CD)

Evige Asatro
by Alex Farmakis at 19 September 2004, 1:39 AM

Glittertind is a one-man project where Torbjørn Sandvik is the driving force. The name Glittertind was adopted from the name of one of the highest mountains in Jotunheimen, Norway. Jotunheimen is a beautiful, majestic and mystic mountain range.
“Evige Asatro is a hybrid of Heavy folkmusic riffs, Punk and Metal beats. In some songs you can recognize a very happy feeling and in some others an epical and melancholic atmosphere. All the songs are in Norwegian so it is a little difficult for those who do not speak Norwegian to understand the lyrics.
Torbjørn is a very young artist (born in 1985!) and a big lover of the vast nature of Norway. The music is romantic towards Norway's nature and a bit traditional as well. Hidden folk tunes are everywhere! The force of Glittertind is somehow to modernize these ancient Folk melodies, spiced up with lyrics on historical occurrences, like on “Evige Asatro where the main theme of the lyrics is the Christianization of Norway.
But when you get down to the music, the situation is not as good as it seems. The guitar riffs are too artless, the melodies too childish and most of the songs are boring. Every reasonable person will understand the first time he/she listens to this album that Torbjørn was only 19 years old when he recorded it (2004). There are a couple of songs in the album that try to make it sound better but the only thing that they manage to do is to save it from total failure.
Yes, I like folk music and traditional Scandinavian music and all their mixtures with Heavy Metal music, but Mr. Torbjørn should try to work more on his music. He needs to improve his vocals, the riffs on his songs and the keyboard-created melodies.
The riffs sound too childish and too “Happy Tree Friends. The melodies from the keyboards create an atmosphere that cannot convince anyone of the feelings that he tries to express. The vocals are too rough for this kind of music and they need a lot o work.
So,  “Evige Asatro is an album that you will listen to it one time and then you will probably thow it out in a box and never wonder what happened to this particular CD in the future. I suggest the next time that he will write music to work more on all the songs and all the instruments before he decides to release it.

2 Star Rating

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Torbjørn Sandvik - All instruments & Vocals
Record Label: Karmageddon Media


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