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Gloomball - The Quiet Monster Award winner

The Quiet Monster
by Isha Shah at 12 April 2015, 8:54 PM

There is a clear comeback from the mythical sub-genres that form around metal. However a band like GLOOMBALL have returned after two years of silence, with their second full length. The German quartet, fill all the blank spots that most generic Metal bands fail to produce, with contemporary yet modern sounds.

The killer intro of “Monster” screams ROB ZOMBIE. The blend of rugged guitar strums and powerful vocals to match, strengthen the song to its full potential. Such a belter for an opening track set the record up for high expectations.

There are times within this album where I do honestly think that I’m listening to NICKELBACK. A strange but dated version of them, GLOOMBALL have captured their edgy work in “Dark Horse” and “Silver Side Up”.  Clearly shown in “All Beauty Dies” the band have taken a rich influence from their work. The only real difference is that GLOOMBALL have hard-hitting riffs that hold great strength instrumentally.  Vocalist Alen Ljubic blasts powerful screams that are without a doubt perfect in every pitch. In its entirety, GLOOMBALL are a band that carry a solid metal sound in every aspect.

“Towards The Sun” is an impacting banger. Right from the very start, a gripping riffs plunges at you with its slightly djenty influence.  A track that makes you want to jump around, getting you off your feet is exactly what the record needed halfway through. Following a similar killer intro, “(Don’t) Surrender” is packed with heavy blasts that are toned in raspy vocals. The track takes on a rugged sent, that shows off their Gothic style that they are capable of mastering.

With such a concrete record, it’s hard to bring new styles and songs that challenge their signature noise, as “The Quiet Monster” doesn’t even try.
Not necessarily a bad thing, however the record could do with a few surprises here and there just to widen the bands sound.

4 Star Rating

1. The Quiet…
2. Monster
3. Straight To Hell
4. All Beauty Dies
5. Towards The Sun
6. Sirens (Die Alone)
7. One More Day
8. Sullen Eyes
9. (Don’t) Surrender
10. Unbreakable
11. Blood Red World
12. Blue Is Turning Into Gray
Alen Ljubic - Vocals

Björn Daigger - Guitars

Jossi Lenk - Guitars

Basti Moser - Bass

Danny Joe Hofmann - Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer


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