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Gmoch – Dark Dead Tomorrow

Dark Dead Tomorrow
by Jacob Dawson at 09 July 2015, 4:29 AM

One thing that’s overlooked a lot in music reviews is album art. Many artists spend lots of time deciding on the design of their covers as well as making them a reality, as they are very often the first thing somebody will see before they even listen to the music. It’s true that this is less the case in the digital age we inhabit now than it was 20 years ago when CDs were a more common sight in shops, but they are still an integral part of every album. Imagine if every album released was devoid of colour and, when flipped over, showed only a dull list of words telling you which track is which. Boring, right? This is the important of the artwork.

No matter how much thought or effort was put into GMOCH’s particular album cover, what it does straight away is let us know the themes of the album. The band are clearly influenced by mythology, and this is made all the more obvious in the “Intro” which consists solely of a male voice recalling an encounter with a creature coming out of the sea. It’s evocative stuff, and the dark tone is continued throughout the music of the album in its Sludge sounds, as well as the death vocals which persist all the way through.

Unfortunately the songs themselves are rather repetitive despite there only being four of them. This is partly down to the production, which makes the whole affair sound squashed and choked, as well as the basic lack of variation in sound. This is offset somewhat by the final track “Wring My Blood Out” which is actually fairly decent, using a good riff with a variety of tones to give the song a bit of groove. While it doesn’t quite make up for its brothers’ and sisters’ failings, it is definitely the best choice of track to close the EP with.

So we have an atmospheric, creepy intro that starts the album well, before delving into three very similar sounding tracks, before returning to quality with the final song. This oddly balanced sandwich may be worth checking out for fans of Sludge or Doom Metal, but isn’t really worth the 19 minutes for others.

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Architect
3. Inhale the Hatret
4. No More the Slave
5. Wring My Blood Out
P - Guitars
M - Guitars\Vocals
G - Drums
D - Bass
J - Vocal
Record Label: Independent


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