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Gnipahålan - I Nordisk Vredeslusta

I Nordisk Vredeslusta
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 September 2022, 6:13 AM

Gnipahålan is Swedish for Gnipahellir (old Norse; translates to Gnipa cave), which is the name of a mystical cave in Norse mythology. The band has been around since 2010 or so, with their first full-length (self-titled) released in 2016. Now, six years later, they return with “I Nordisk Vredeslusta.” The album contains ten tracks.

“Forna minnen” is the first. It’s a brief mood-setter. The mood is somber, fueled by smooth keyboards and some tense background elements. “I stormens led” is the first proper song, beginning with some bombast…vocals shrieks, a literal wall of guitars, and machine gun drumming. When it settles into a groove, it is less chaotic. “Fortrollad till efvighet” features a slower groove with harrowing elements. Although the song is frightening, the sound isn’t varied much at all, save for the opening notes. “Inom tusenarig visdom” might as well be a continuation of the previous sound. Besides some subtle Symphonic elements in the background, the band is not pushing themselves much at all.

“Nordens majestat” presents some variation in the opening, with some audible bass notes that were mixed out previously. The guitars also present a more straightforward sound, and the chaos is gone…for now…replaced by depressive elements. “I blodets svarta dunkel del II” is a beastly nine-minute song. Again, some variation is supplied in the opening sequence but the chaos returns quickly thereafter. The band isn’t without talent necessarily, and the album isn’t a total loss, but they have to vary their offerings here if the album is going to get off the ground. The short “Bort i efvigheten” closes the album, with more melodic tones like in the beginning. It’s a nice and calm way to end an album.

As I mentioned above, this isn’t a bad album per se, and the band has more talent than many other Black Metal bands out there. The backing keyboards were a nice, textural element. If they could have worked them in more, it would have helped. In the end, the songs just sounded too similar to one another, which in my opinion is probably the biggest sin one can commit when creating an album.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Forna minnen
2. I stormens led
3. Odestimmans kampfyllda har
4. Fortrollad till efvighet
5. I blodets svarta dunkel del I
6. Inom tusenarig visdom
7. I nordisk vredeslusta
8. Nordens majestat
9. I blodets svarta dunkel del II
10. Bort i efvigheten
Taaken – Drums
Swartadauþuz – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Record Label: Purity-Through-Fire


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