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Gnosis - The Offering of Seven

The Offering of Seven
by Tatianny Ruiz at 08 October 2018, 6:07 PM

Voracious is the word to define a launch within Black Metal currently that even keeping roots grounded in the ground still brings the weight of a unique identity.  This is the best way to define the work on the new album by the American Black/Death Metal band GNOSIS.  We are talking about the band's brutal second full-length titled "The Offering Of Seven", released by Terror from Hell Records on September 21, 2018 representing a share of this year's releases that I really recommend hearing.

Of course, Black Metal is the metal sector that produced the most this year but finding something that sounds massively different from the ears is getting a little weird, I mean, but by integrating subtle atmospheres with dark and cutting riffs and a percussion line simple, the band GNOSIS retakes that Greek line of the style that in my opinion is a trump to the slope in the 1990's.  Now marks the line of this band that has everything to ascend among the best of this year in my opinion. With simple and functional cover art we enter the album in the introduction lapped in ritual drums, whispering voices and synthesizers that will transport you to a horrifying orbit through the eyes of these musicians.  All before you, your speakers exploding in energy in the range of "Devils and Spirits" where the cavernous voice of J.S. runs through deep veins woven into the blackened riffs of D.A..

"Hands of the Fates" is a curious track in the sequel.  Starting from the lines that bring me back to Thrash metal, the band catalyzes a horror journey attaching horror landscape to glittering layers with guitar in profusion.  I really love how these guys fit the things making the Black Metal sound as invigorating as fresh blood, and you can cling to C.V.'s  work on pulsing drums as in warfare before the chaotic ground. This brings us to a cadence on "Dark King on the Mount", and believe me, this band has enough ammo up its sleeve to attract not only Death and Black fans, but all the instrumentation and influences of MORTUARY DRAPE, MYSTIFIER, VARATHRON, and THOU ART LORD strikes to style listeners in other styles without too much force, if you like guitars bleeding this is an album for you.

The choice to abuse the synthesizers and inter-layer so distinctly, layers jump to the ears and you get a brutal result in "Golden Wings", and if you were accustomed to long and almost tedious tracks then you can forget, the overall structure of the tracks is based on chaos, disagreement and disorder.  That creates a very comprehensive ritualistic atmosphere that practically inebriates the listener by keeping him mesmerized from beginning to end as in "Transcendence Pt. 1". At this point traditional Heavy Metal lovers will come up with a surprise when "Evil Spirit" wins an evil soul as perverse as at the hands of RUNNING WILDThis is really an album that has channeled gruesome energies directing all listeners pitilessly, a robust album, spiked at the best you can find in Black metal.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Devils and Spirits
3. Hands of the Fates
4. Dark King on the Mount
5. Golden Wings
6. Transcendence pt. 1
7. Evil Spirit (Running Wild Cover)
8. The Great Storm
9. Outro
J.S. – Vocals
R.P. - Bass and Synth
D.A. - Guitars
C.V. – Drums
Record Label: Terror from Hell Records


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