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Goatblood – Adoration Of Blasphemy And War Award winner

Adoration Of Blasphemy And War
by Mike Coyle at 28 August 2015, 11:01 PM

For what we can see here is a band that has been able to bring to the table some of extreme metals best attributes though the question remains will it stand tall or will it fall, that ladies and gentlemen is for you to decide as we enter into the world of GOATBLOOD'S "Adoration of Blasphemy and War".

"The Appearance of the Goatlord," for this track we see the band speed things up wit a smashing sound and a crushing tone that really kicks off the record the right way, the tone of the entire track is very well produced and shows how serious these guys are when it comes to making their music, though for what it's worth I feel they could have made the track longer just because it's a really catchy song with some great guitar and drum work that mix well with the vocals and really brings out the bands intense and huge tones perfectly. In any case I really enjoyed what the guys in GOATBLOOD have done with this opening track and I feel that it sets the record for what to expect later on in the record.

"Animal Anal Acrobatic", with what we hear on this track we find the same formula but with a more simple yet evil touch which works well with how the guys in the band have gone about it so far, the tone is very old fashioned which for what we see with this band already holds up incredibly well and holds down some very solid tones which are very well played and work in every way, I find that the sped of this track has some of the bands classic influences inside showing that there are way to express those influences while capturing their own ideas and creations to from as one.

"Bombing Blood" is a track that I find that with every great song there is also a great intro which sets the tone for the track and adds just that little bit extra for the fans at home as it makes you hinge on the edge of your seat waiting for that moment, and that is really what we have in this track, not only does the intro work with it, it also brings us to a track that really kicks ass and takes names along with it. The structure of the track is the same as the previous songs we have found on this record so far but with this there is something which changes for the listener and takes you deeper into the formula of what GOATBLOOD are about and I feel that is the true anatomy of what a band like this are capable of.

"Op Vulva", now with how I have listened to this record so far I have found that there may or may not be a strong CELTIC FROST or HELLHAMMER inspiration within this band, there are so many hints but it has taken me awhile to really figure it out or not, and now by listening to this track I have found that yes there may as well be as there are some strong riffs that resemble some of the masters works and I feel that the band really take the sound and make it their own in a a lot of ways as there are some bands that can create that similar sound but are always trying to be that band in general but these guys take a sound and really belt it out the best way tat they can and I fucking love it!!

"Trumpets Of Baphomet" has this opening tone that is scary, I mean mind creepily scary and I love it, it sends you on one of those moods that makes your spine cringe but at the same time prepares you which is how this song goes really, the track mixes the intro and the bands tone to create this horror theater of nightmarish ideas brought together in creating a tracking that has almost scared the living shit out of me folks which shows how good it really is and then some! To finish I would say this record is pure and honest to the point, it takes you from one set mind to another and I feel that with these five tracks you will get what you want and then some, the record in general is a pure on powerhouse of a record which goes from the bands influences to the bands structure and strength.

4 Star Rating

1. The Appearance Of The Goatlord
2. Sado Liquidator
3. Animal Anal Acrobatic
4. Arkoholocausted
5. Eve Pisses On Adam
6. Deluge In Heaven
7. Bombing Blood
8. Necromorph Application Point
9. Human Waste Disposal
10. Trident Worship
11. Op Vulva
12. Ascension To The South
13. Mary Fisted Amen
14. Trumpets Of Baphomet
15. La Chisea Della Capra
Satanic Death Vulva - ­ Main Vocals, Lead + Rhythm Guitars, Bass & Songwriting
Reverend Slayer - ­ Vocals, Drums, Lyrics, Guitars (Session) & Songwriting
Record Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen


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