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Goatblood – Apparition of Doomsday

Apparition of Doomsday
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 07 January 2020, 10:14 PM

Hailing from Germany comes Blackened Death Metal band GOATSBLOOD and their latest album “Apparition of Doomsday”. This band was formed in 2011 and has released three full length albums thus far. While listening to this album I realized they remind me a lot of old school Mortician. So if old school guttural Death Metal is your thing, I believe this will be your cup of tea. The band is made up of four members including, Satanic Death Vulva on vocals and guitars, Reverend Slayer on Vocals and drums, Viator Noctis on Bass and finally Silence on guitar.

The album starts with a short intro called “Exodus” which is filled with what sounds like waves and some really deep growls. The next track up is “Goat Order” which is a really deep and sludgy song. It’s so sludgy it made me want to take a bath to get all the filth off of me. It was quite a good listen if I do say so myself. Up next was “Exclusion Prevails” which picked the pace up ever so slightly and somehow got even deeper sounding. This song was another one that I really enjoyed. It even included a clip from a movie that I can’t remember at the moment but my best guess is 300. Another good song on the album is “Beach of the Dead”. If there is such a thing as groovy sludgy death metal, this is it for sure. I have a feeling quite a few of you will really enjoy this album.

“Pork Puzzle” really gives off the old school vibes for sure. I really think so far this album will impress those who are old school death metal elitists. “Ram of Nazareth” was another that I found myself enjoying. Not sure what it was about the song, but it really stuck out to me. The last song I want to bring up is the track “Nekro Horny”. This song came on and hit out of nowhere. It was the most insane song on the album and it was a real headbanger. All of the album is pretty good, but I think there are a few spots that could use a little finer tuning.

Songwriting: 6
Originality:  6
Musicianship: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Exodus
2. Goat Order
3. Exclusion Prevails
4. Beach of the Dead
5. Flood of Roaches
6. Pork Puzzle
7. Channfukka
8. Deportation Isle
9. Ram of Nazareth
10. Miss Dead Body
11. Nekro Horny
12. Predators of the Horns
13. When Human Descents
14. Redemption
Satanic Death Vulva – Vocals / Guitars / Bass
Reverend Slayer – Vocals / Drums
Viator Noctis – Bass
Silence – Guitar
Record Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen


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