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Goatcraft – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 January 2022, 1:35 PM

From their Bandcamp page, “Conceptually, “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” is informed by esoteric interpretations of ancient Greece with a tittle of indulgence. The concept may seem loose at first glance, but it makes sense when considered through an occult lens. Furthermore, "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" finalizes the ABYSS concept, a five-album conception showcasing Lonegoat's personal groundless chaos beneath all grounds.” The album contains ten tracks.

“Redivivus” leads off the album. It’s a brief keyboard track, with a lot of atmosphere. There are no lyrics, but it’s amazing what can get across without vocals. You feel transported to another land, even outer space. “Nous Aflame” opens with piano notes and some solemn tones. Again, atmosphere reigns supreme here, but what notes are present and both chilling and beautiful at the same time. “Bleeding Caldera” is the third straight piano piece, and I am beginning to think that this album is all piano and effects, which is fine with me. This piece is as dark as it is provocative. “Deipnon” opens with lower piano notes which are bubbling to strike. It moves in and out of shadow and light, faster than the eye can see.

“Abundance of Suffering” opens with a slightly more benign tone. But buried deep and feelings of anger and hatred. The piano work here is fantastic. It’s dark, ominous and brooding. “Inhibitory Gnosis” opens with more rousing piano work, including some triplet notes done at a hasty speed. Gnosticism is a system of knowledge that dates back to Greek times and the turn of the century. It involves a lot more than this, including the occult and other things. “Orphic Emesis” begins with soft, mellow tones. The atmosphere he develops here is quite haunting. It stays in the shadows through the entire song.

“Henosis” swings back to the piano again. This time, strings are mixed it, creating this yin and yang of charming tones with more harrowing ones. The piano work, again, is very well done. “Desolate Ways” is a MORBID ANGEL cover. At just over a minute and a half, the interpretation here must be highly personal, because I have no idea what the original song sounds like. But this cover is dark and beautiful. “Thus Passes Worldly Glory” closes the album, and it’s a fitting closer, with smooth and easy organ notes. What a ride this was overall.

Leave it to I,Voidhanger Records, to attract some of the most unique but always talented musicians out there. When I hear the band title, GOATCRAFT, I conjure images of a Black Metal band, and probably one that is stuck in the FWOBM. But nothing could be further from the truth. Loangoat plays piano like a mad scientist in an empty, long forgotten church. A place where cold winds whip through the rubble as leaves scatter about. A long figure can be seen in the darkened distance pounding away at the ivories, but if you get too close, he fades away. The pieces are moving and pull you into another dimension…a place where time ceases to exist.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Redivivus
2. Nous Aflame
3. Bleeding Caldera
4. Deipnon
5. Abundance of Suffering
6. Inhibitory Gnosis
7. Orphic Emesis
8. Henosis
9. Desolate Ways
10. Thus Passes Worldly Glory
Lonegoat – All Music
Record Label: I,Voidhanger Records


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