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Goath – II: Opposition

II: Opposition
by Erika Kuenstler at 27 April 2018, 10:29 PM

Hailing from Germany, and founded just 3 years ago, GOATH are already back this year with their sophomore full-length album, entitled “II: Opposition”. The trio pack a huge amount of variation into this 43 minute long opus, and after seeing several good reviews of the album, I was excited to give it a spin.

From the get-go, “Revenge” bursts in with a take-no-prisoners approach, springing an aural onslaught on the listener. Hairpin tempo changes mark the album, with “Born of Fornication” being a prime example of this: starting out with a furry of tremolo picked guitar, this song goes through several pace changes, ranging from more infectious sections through to slower and more rhythmical parts, with background groans and grunts of lust. While I get that this goes with the concept of the song, it kinda came off really cheesy, sounding almost like someone got bored and started watching a porno which was forgotten about whilst recording the song. The title song “Opposition” started out as really catchy, and I was completely getting into the song, right until GOATH threw in a riff “borrowed” straight from BELPHEGOR, which completely killed it for me. Being influenced by a band is one thing, but outright copying is taking things a bit far. As already mentioned, variation seems to be the golden standard of “II: Opposition”. From the raw first wave of Norwegian Black Metal style opening of the eccentric “Source 0” through to hints of Thrash Metal influences in “Myth of Unforgiveness” through to far more in-your-face brutal Death Metal in “Enraged and Possessed” this album seems to pack it all. Ending the album off with perhaps the strongest song of the album, “Luciferian Divine” is a rampaging beast of a song that is guaranteed to leave many a bang-over in its wake, although this admittedly becomes somewhat repetitive towards the end. However, this insight into the potential of the band’s true capability makes it even worse to come across plagiarised sections.

Overall, it’s still clear that GOATH is a young band with a lot to learn; but having said that, they also have an abundance of talent, which comes to shine here and there on this new album. “II: Opposition” is fairly creative, although nothing innovative or new; but then they don’t have to reinvent the wheel with their music for it to be good. The recording and production quality perhaps leave a bit wanting, but then again, the gritty style also adds some rawness and aggression to their music, which would have been lost if the album had been more polished. Given the hype around the band, I was disappointed by their lack of originality although their potential and musicianship is undeniable. Despite all of this, “II: Opposition” is still worth a listen to, and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on their future releases.

Memorability: 7
Production: 6
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5


3 Star Rating

1. Revenge
2. Born of Fornication
3. Opposition
4. Source 0
5. Purity of the Unseen
6. Myth of Forgiveness
7. Enraged and Possessed
8. The All Devouring Fire
9. Luciferian Divine
Muerte - Bass, Vocals
Serrator - Drums
Goathammer - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Ván Records


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