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Goath - III: Shaped By The Unlight Award winner

III: Shaped By The Unlight
by Andrew Harvey at 10 May 2021, 5:31 PM

Goath are a black/death metal band originally coming from the regions of Bavaria and Nuremberg in Germany. They formed in 2015, since then they have released two albums starting with their first, Luciferian Goath Ritual and second release, “II” Opposition in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Now they are back again with a bang on their third album release to date with III: Shaped by The Unlight through the record label namely Van Records.

The first two tracks, “Symbiosis Of Vengeance And Guilt” and “Pretending To Serve While Raping” give us the thrashing and deathcore sound that was heard before with Goath’s previous two albums. The lyrics mentioning satan, blasphemy, sex and gore (to name a few) which is the focal point of what this album is. The guitar, bass and drums can only be described here as cunning, pulsating and animated. The vocals that cut through with feelings of angst, vengeance and never-ending doom is clearly evident in these two tracks.

“Shaped By The Unlight” continues on where the previous tracks had with bursts of energy, charisma and a taste of the theatrics with how the instruments were arranged. The lyrics really do speak for themselves like I said before, they give off the same themes as I mentioned before, pure evil and vengeance. “Epitome Of Perceptual Rage” also gives the continuity of what we have heard before, the screams and cries of the vocalist are consistent and powerful. The vocals really do provide the spotlight of this album, sinister and epic. The support from the guitar, bass and drums is sensational and are throbbing with hardcore and superiority as to the sound we hear overall.

“Clitless Loyalty” starts with a slow steady marching rhythm that is completely new to us, a style of which actually fits in nicely. The first minute or two incorporate heavy guitar riffs, eccentric drumming and demonic vocals still providing us with the same themes of vengeance, satan etc. Furthermore the tempo begins to slow down for a minute before rushing back to precise and jaw dropping tones, the reduction of vocal activity gives the other instruments the opportunity to become more dominant.

“Perception” lasting 6 minutes approximately really sets back the tempo, the drums clarify this and the guitar becomes more sustained still giving a more dark and heavy sound but this time it’s more dynamic. Yet we cannot be but amazed by the wickedness of and fury of these guitar riffs and echoes that reverberate through the mix. The final minute of this track varies with cracking drums, sliding guitar movements and the familiar vocal lines expressing the monotonous cries of anguish and rage.

The final track “Impregnated With Black Fire” is quite simply the cherry on top of this album. The glissade and smooth guitar effects, join forces with possessed vocal lines and lethal styled drumming. We can even perhaps hear the hints of glam rock with the guitar and screeches of particular tones, which gives this track a stylistic and incredible finish to this album.

After hearing this album, I would say there is no holding back with these metal heads. I have to admire their precision, speed, and their contribution to the black/death metal scene since their debut release in 2017. So I will be following this band to see what they do next, we know what they are capable of and know what to expect, I can say I wasn’t disappointed to say the least. I do feel more intrigued with this band with excitement and no doubt we will hear plenty of energy, complexity or style for which this band should get the recognition they deserve.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Symbiosis Of Vengeance And Guilt
2. Pretending To Serve While Raping
3. Unshaped By The Unlight
4. Dissolving Flesh Redemption
5. Epitome Of Perpetual Rage
6. Smoltification
7. Clitless Loyalty
8. Perception
9. Impregnated With Black Fire
Goathammer - Vocals and Guitar
Nils Fjandannson - Bass and Vocals
Serrator - Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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Edited 01 April 2023

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