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Goatlord - The Last Sodomy Of Mary

The Last Sodomy Of Mary
by Mar at 02 June 2015, 3:40 PM

For those who still think that Black Metal had great names only on Europe, it means that you really need to read more about Black Metal origins. Besides there were great names as VENOM, BATHORY and HELLHAMMER on European shores, SARCÓFAGO and MYSTIFIER on Brazil; VON, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, ABSU and others on United States. Black Metal evolved in different way on both continents, influencing each other in many ways. And to understand the story of the style, as well to go into the future, we must know the past. And in the past on USA, there’s GOATLORD, an ancient band founded in 1985, released an album and some Demos, Split and two compilations, being of the them “The Last Sodomy of Mary”, now
being reissued.

What GOATLORD is up to, musically speaking, is something between the FWOBM with some aspects of earlier German Thrash Metal, with clear influences of SODOM’s “In The Sign Of Evil” and “Obsessed By Cruelty”, what is seen in many Black Metalworks from U.S. bands. But these guys knew what they were doing and playing, besides the band had to struggle against a bad sound quality. But some information that “Big Daddy” here could get says this is the rehearsals for the band’s second album. The sound quality, as I said above, is very nasty sometimes. Of course in some moments it is good (in a Black Metal way), but in other ones, is pretty dirty and nasty, really seeming a rehearsal done in a time in the 90s.

Well, the band has some good songs on “The Last Sodomy Of Mary”, as the heavy and intense “Gargoyle King” (with some very good riffs), the thunderous “Tribe Of The Moon” (tasteful riffs and very good work done by rhythmic kitchen),  and “Unholy Black Slut” (extreme and good vocals on this song), but as you hear more and more of the album sometimes the nasty sound quality really turns the audition of it a bit hard for us.

A good release, but maybe a remastering could make it sound better.

3 Star Rating

1. Gargoyle King
2. Strange Burial
3. Gutaba
4. Tribe Of The Moon
5. Slayed Necros - Sacrifice
6. Unholy Black Slut
7. The Black Cloth
8. Black Pools Of Darkness
9. Stygian Void
Ace Still – Vocals
Joe Frankulin – Guitars
Jeff Schwob - Vocals & Bass
Jeff Nardone – Drums
Record Label: NWN Producions


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