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Goatreich – Godfeter Award winner

by William Travers at 24 March 2020, 10:14 AM

With a plethora of musical history and experience of Black Metal spanning various countries GOATREICH have the skills and background knowledge to be a successful project. With the backing as well of Ashen Dominion I am quite looking forward to what this album has to offer. Straight away the artwork catches my eye with a three headed stereotypical goat. Its not the most memorable but its very well put together.

We open with “Hellhounds Rage” which comes in with an ominous opening, strange noises in the distance before BOOM you’re hit with an assault of blast beats and ruthless riffage. The vocals found through this track are very impressive, creating an effect that the music being played is actually much slower than it really is.

“In The Name Of The Risen” does not fuck about. Straight away the listener is hit by a wall of music that only gets thicker as the track develops. I wish I could find out who was behind the kit for this record, because I want to shake that man’s hand for his untiring energy and enthusiasm that you can feel through the effort projected from his music.

The electricity doesn’t end there though, we push on through “Triglow Lash” and into “Solve et Coagula” where again all of the band demonstrate their skills as musicians, producing another solid example of black metal. Close your eyes and you can see the haze of the dark forest, smell the incense burning from the ritual in the clearing and the heat from the tongues of the flames as they brush your skin.

That sentiment brings us nicely onto my next focal track “Revel By Blood” again musically it is much of a muchness when it comes to being a stereotypical Black Metal track. With the introduction of a deeper vocalist that adds some more depth to the music, the energy continues with almost a new and rejuvenated pace and electricity that makes it almost impossible even for me sat at my desk to not want to move… So, I find myself headbanging whilst my cat watches and judges me in the corner.

With a final assault to leave any listener breathless we come to the summoning “Goatmother” it is ruthless, brutal and aggressive. It is beautiful. With sublime demonstrations of the musical skills of each of our unknown members. We are left totally satisfied as this debut album draws to a close. If this had been a live show, I would find myself in bed for a week recovering from the never-ending pits that are sure to be found at any GOATREICH show.

Overall, I have to say that this is an amazing first offering from a band that clearly has a lot of experience. Whether or not they can continue to develop this project alongside their other commitments is another question. I for one really hope that they do. I will wait with anticipation to see what they offer unto this world next.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.  Hellhounds Rage
2. Tribute To Dark Mother
3. In The Name Of The Risen
4. Triglow Lash
5. Solve Et Coagula
6. Throne Of Bloody Crown
7. Revel By Blood
8. Circle Of The Whores
9.  Goatmother
Record Label: Ashen Dominion


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