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Goats of Doom - Rukous Award winner

Goats of Doom
by Louise Brown at 21 January 2019, 8:05 AM

GOATS OF DOOM is a mysterious Black Metal band from Nivala, Finland. I call them mysterious because trying to locate background information on them is challenging to say the very least. From what I could figure out they became a band somewhere around 2010, then recorded "Deathcult ov Doomgoat" in 2011 which was part of a split album (meaning there were other bands on it) which led to the 2012 album "Lost In Time and Void". After that the band recorded an EP in 2014 called "Ashes From The Past," then two more full-length albums followed; "Intra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus" (2015) and "Alla kirkkaimman tahden" (2017).  Their newest album, "Rukous," was released in 2018 and I'll be reviewing it today. I'm excited about this one because I am a big fan of Finnish Black Metal.

The album opens with "Veressa on Perustani Juuret". Right away the band shows you it means BUSINESS. I was blown away by the ultra-aggressive intro which led into a blistering track that did not let up at all. The vocal performance by Scaregod is so intense that you find yourself wondering how in the hell he does it. I've heard veteran singers who can't match the intensity of his screams and growls. The music is equally good. It is so hard to believe there are are only two guys making all of that beautiful, chaotic noise! Am I smitten? Yes, and that's after just one track. The second track, "Tuhkasta Valettu," has an almost Punk Rock undertone with its slightly out-of-tune, droning guitar lead that is topped by a screeching howl from Scaregod who launches into one of the most pissed-off sounding performances I've ever heard. He sounds like he's so angry he'd rip your face off if you got in his way. Inasum also does a fine job with a drum track that matches the song's intensity extremely well. Even when the song slows down a bit it is still outstanding because you get to hear the surprisingly great harmonies between Scaregod and Inasnum when they sing using non-gutteral vocals. Then the song picks up again as Scaregod resumes his rant. I was tired after this one was over, but in a really, really good way.

"Law ov Liberty," the third track opens with a beautiful melodic touch that you might not expect from such a hardcore band. A shriek followed by thundering music ends the peace and tranquility, though, reminding the listener that this is not some sweet Power Metal act, this is Black Metal, damn it! I found it impossible to remain still while I listened to the track. It literally compels you to move as it sweeps you along to some unknown destination which probably lies somewhere in Helheim, the legendary Underworld in Norse mythology. Or perhaps just plain Hell; either way, you can't help grinning from the experience. Outstanding song! The fourth song, "Sokeus Johtaa Kansaa," has a Thrash Metal tone to it that I really enjoyed. The styles within the track range from pure Black Metal to Doom Metal then to Melodic Metal in a four and a half time-frame that will leave you wondering what hit you. The musical skill of these two individuals leaves me speechless when I think about it too long. I know they're a little younger than some other acts so I am eager to see how much better they get with time. Since they're already great I can only imagine how they'll sound in another five or ten years. Did I like track four? YES.

"World Denied Lucifer's Light" is beautiful as it begins with melodic guitar riffs which combine in an excellent manner with Scaregod's incredible voice. Even as the song's pace changes slightly the result remains near perfection. After the third minute the pace slows even more, but the track continues to deliver as it leads to a very pretty guitar solo which becomes an amazing one. I was so into the song that I was startled when it ended; how could seven minutes go by so fast?! And where is that repeat option?? Track six is the title one of the album, "Rukous". I'm sure you're getting tired of me saying this, but it's so good it's almost scary. Fantastic guitar riffs, an even more outstanding vocal performance, epic drums.. if you don't like this song then please hand over your card to the Finnish Black Metal fan club because you don't understand the genre very well. This song is PERFECT. Which leads us to "Riivaaja," the final track of the album. (We'll pause here while I weep a few tears of sorrow at the prospect of this ridiculously outstanding album coming to an end.) The last song is the longest one of the album which starts out slowly and powerfully then gets really good as it continues. I loved the scream from vocalist Scaregod about one minute into the song; it is rage personified. The music has an almost old school sound to it that reminds me a bit of early JUDAS PRIEST. Also detected some MOONSORROW influence in the vocals after the song slowed down considerably towards the middle; it added the perfect touch of sinister to the song. Overall, I think the entire song is great.

My one problem with "Rukous" is trying to figure out which song I would recommend. I loved all of them so it's a very difficult decision. That being the case I have to recommend ALL of them. Seriously, if you like Finnish Black Metal (or just plain old Metal) get this album, or feel the eternal burn of regret. Your choice, no pressure.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. Veressa on Perustani Juuret
2. Tuhkasta Valettu
3. Law ov Liberty
4. Sokeus Juhtaa Kansaa
5. World Denied Lucifer's Light
6. Rukous
7. Riivaaja
Scaregod - Vocals (Lead), Guitars, Bass, Acoustics
Inasnum - Drums, Vocals (Clean)
Record Label: Primitive Reaction


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Edited 02 October 2022

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