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Goats of Doom – Tie On Hänen Omilleen

Goats of Doom
Tie On Hänen Omilleen
by Cherie Wong at 11 February 2020, 4:46 PM

On January 31, 2020, GOATS OF DOOM released their fifth full length album “Tie On Hänen Omilleen.” GOATS OF DOOM is a Black Metal band that hails from Finland. Though I was unable to find when they formed, they first released a split titled “Deathcult ov Doomgoat” with another Finnish Black Metal band, DØDKVLT. Since then, they have been busy, releasing an EP and four other records.

Tie On Hänen Omilleen” is an album that is full of melodic black metal riffs and blast beats. While most of the dirty vocals are the quintessential pitched screams, backing clean vocals add a bit of dimension to the tracks they are on. Since the music is quite melodic, the screams and growls carry most of the aggression on the record.

The opening track “Mustan unen äiti” is a good indication of what’s to come on this record. It contains plenty of classic black metal riffs that give way to melody. Next is the second track “Kuolonkorjaaja.” The main riff of this track is reminiscent of early Melodic Black Metal bands like DISSECTION. The song is equally melodic and ominous, though not delicate. If you find yourself missing speed, listen to “Sinne mihin valheet ei yllä.” From the beginning, this track maintains a fast pace courtesy of the drums and intense riffs. Even though it’s fast, the harmonies aren’t lost. My only comment on this track is that I wish the snare in the instrumental section at the 2 minute and a half mark was less apparent.

On “Vakaumus ja kuolema,” I particularly like the mix of low growls and high pitched screams. The track “Veren veljeskunta” has one of my favorite melancholic riffs of this album. In addition, the clean vocals, almost chanting, leading into the guitar solo is a great moment on this album. “Tie on Hänen omilleen” is the titular track. It’s another strong track; with plenty of fast riffs mixed with melody. The short acoustic outro is a nice touch. “Aamen” is the closing track. The main riff is melodic and expressive. Again, the clean backing choruses add a nice contrast to the screaming vocals.

Overall, I recommend this album to fans of black metal, particularly of the melodic variety. While the riffs and song compositions aren’t breakthroughs, this is still enjoyable. It’s the perfect music for a wintry stroll through the woods.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Mustan unen äiti
2. Kuolonkorjaaja
3. Sinne mihin valheet ei yllä
4. Vakaumus ja kuolema
5. Veren veljeskunta
6. Tie on Hänen omilleen
7. Aamen
Scaregod – Vocals/ Guitar/ Songwriting
A.H. – Vocals
T.R. – Bass/ Backing Vocals
T.T. – Guitar/ Backing Vocals
R.P. – Drums
Record Label: Purity Through Fire


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Edited 27 January 2023

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