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Goatskullt - Tevras

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 November 2021, 12:53 PM

Today, the ones who fix their looks in the Finnish Metal scene never could think of the extreme roots of it, and how it was important to make the Metal scene of the country known. Before one could know bands as BATTLE BEAST, CHILDREN OF BODOM and even NIGHTWISH, names as BEHERIT, GLOOMY GRIM and IMPALED NAZARENE already had legions of fans throughout the world. But something happened on extreme Finnish scene, and Black Metal went back into underground. But it doesn’t mean that the country fails to breed new names. No, Finland still gives birth to good Black metal bands, as GOATSKULLT. Just take a listening to “Tevras”, their latest EP.

The band’s music is based on the known Finnish Black Metal paradigm: nasty, aggressive and darkened. But the trio shows a good work on this traditional way (even using their native language, a feature from the past), using fast tempos to create the aggressive outfit of the genre, but with some slow paced tempos on some moments. It’s brutal and aggressive, nasty and Old School, filled with a massive catchy energy. The sonority was built to have the aggressive essence of Finnish Black Metal, keeping the crude aspect as well. But everything was done in a way that makes the band understandable to the listeners, even with such raw instrumental tunes.

The EP is a very good experience for those who are into Old School Black Metal, in times when the genre was unbearable for many Metal fans. “Lihan Uni” and “Löyhkä” are fast songs in a traditional form, using very good guitar riffs and nasty shrieks. On “Ruho”, the band uses slow tempos, creating a morbid outfit that make shivers runs down the spine, and “Tyhjyydestä” follows the same tendency (even being a bit technical and rawer). “Syntyjäinen Koston” is brutal and oppressive, but again using slower tempos; and “Mustan Manan Lähde” is into a more traditional Black Metal trend.

Obviously, “Tevras” isn’t the eighth wonder of the world, but it’s an honest work, and for those who prefer brutal and raw forms of Black Metal, GOATSKULLT is a very good name to check.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Lihan Uni
2. Löyhkä
3. Ruho
4. Tyhjyydestä
5. Syntyjäinen Koston
6. Mustan Manan Lähde
Zaisswar Sielusurma - Vocals
Iūcundus - Bass, Guitars
Jon B. Barbatoz - Drums, Keyboards, Programming
Record Label: Independent


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