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Goatsnake - Black Age Blues Award winner

Black Age Blues
by Omnius D'Worgen at 10 June 2015, 10:33 PM

Okay people, show of hands: who here are familiar with the Californian doom-stoner scene and never heard of GOATSNAKE? None? Good, just checking. It's been a while since their debut album back in '99, but the band's third album from the folks over at Southern Lord delivers much of what you wanted from this long-anticipated release.

The music is faster and better produced, but "Black Age Blues" delivers the unmistakable sound and feel of the band right from the first note. Imagine the sound of driving an endless desert highway with no one as far as the eye can see – that's the sound we're talking about. But in case you're not that into metaphors… Guitar is very fuzzy and heavy, delivering heavy bluesy grooves and great leads, and along with the vocals set much of the overall atmosphere of the record. I don't think there is anywhere a better example than in the beginning of the record's second song, "Elevated Man". Speaking of vocals, they work extremely well with the guitar to bring that great feel that the world is over and we couldn't care less if we tried. Cleaner than most vocalists in the genre, Stahl competes with John Garcia only for instantly recognizable vocals among that vast desert landscape of bands. As for the rhythm section, the drums are very powerful and groovy, and their booming sound gives most of the energy to the songs while letting the other instruments deal with the melody and the groove. The bass, I'm afraid to say, is almost entirely drowned out in the soundscape by the guitar and drums.

Quite possibly one of the best stoner records I heard this year, "Black Age Blues" delivers all the groovy goodness of the genre without becoming even slightly repetitive at any point. A very well made work done by old hands at their trade is always a pleasure to hear, and this is no exception.

4 Star Rating

1. Another River To Cross
2. Elevated Man
3. Coffee & Whiskey
4. Black Age Blues
5. House of the Moon
6. Jimi's Gone
7. Graves
8. Grandpa Jones
9. A Killing Blues
Greg Anderson - Guitar
Pete Stahl - Vocals, Harp
Scott Renner - Bass
Greg Rogers - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Southern Lord Recordings


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