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Goatsnake – Flower Of Disease

Flower Of Disease
by Harry Papadopoulos at 10 July 2010, 9:07 AM

GOATSNAKE is not a new band. They were born in 1996. Until they split up in 2004 if I remember correctly, they’ve released two full length albums, four EP’s and a split with BURNING WITCH in 2000. For reasons that I still try to find out since I couldn’t find anything in the Net, they re-activated the band in 2009 for a tour. And of course, we are not dealing with a new release here. “Flower Of Disease” was their second full length album, originally released back in 2000.

So what’s going on in this album? Stoner stuffed with doom, with nice melodies and the great voice of Pete Stahl. And all this things while a southern breeze is touching you. It is easy to understand that those guys are listening a lot to bands like BLACK SABBATH, ELECTRIC WIZARD, ACID BATH and EYEHATEGOG. You may find some CLUTCH moments too, especially in some vocal melodies. The album sounds fresh, even though it was recorded ten years ago, and it is nice that it feels like it was recorded with analog equipment. The two first songs are the best of the alum in my opinion, with “El Coyote” and “Live To Die” being the most "southern" ones, with the harmonica having a big role to that.

If you like stoner/sludge Doom Metal and you don’t know GOATSNAKE, then give them a try since “Flower Of Disease” will definitely reach its goal. Nothing innovative, nothing new, but this album is very, very good.

3 Star Rating

  1. Flower Of Disease
  2. Prayer For A Dying
  3. Easy Greasy
  4. El Coyote
  5. The Dealer
  6. A Truckload Of Mamma's Muffins
  7. Live To Die
  8. The River
Pete Stahl - Vocals
Greg Anderson - Guitars
Greg Rogers - Drums & Percussion

Session musicians:
Stuart Daihlouist - Bass
Record Label: Southern Lord Records


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