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Goatsodomizer - The Curse Rings True

The Curse Rings True
by JF Poulin at 13 August 2016, 8:40 AM

I was not able to find any working links for videos from this very album so I gave you guys a link to some of the studio diaries they recorded! What’s in a band name? It can be an expression of thoughts, a focal point or just a word that the band really loves. Right? Well, you got a lot of really interesting band names (well especially in Metal) and this might beat all of them in one punch! The band’s name is GOATSODOMIZER. Part comical, part diabolical, part disgusting! It’s a very unique name and I guess with a name like that, you do remember it for a very long time. All in all, there is a lot of bands that love goats! One of the universal symbols for worship, not necessarily devil worshipping but worship in general.
Not a lot is know about the band, they don’t have an official website just a Facebook page that gives a wee bit of information on the band itself. This band was formed by members of two other Sweden Thrash Metal veterans, VORGUS and TYRANEX.

Their sound is very raw and spontaneous. It’s not the best production but they wanted to keep it simple, nothing fancy. It really just is a band rocking out and letting it flow, no compromise and not overdoing it. The production might be less important for them because they wanted to keep it old school. Their raw and pure energy does stand out in their music. They are a very Punk driven band, I can see the influences of bands like DRI, DISCHARGE, VERBAL ABUSE. A lot of the stuff on this very album reminded me of the SLAYER covers on ‘’Undisputed Attitude’’ in 1996. Nothing fancy just straight in your face music.

They still kept a lot of Rock N Roll elements in their music, I can hear the overtones on some of the songs that reminded me of the more straightforward music from the likes of MOTORHEAD. MOTORHEAD always kept it simple and added a lot of early Rock and Roll elements in their music. It complimented very much the Heavy Metal stylings on most of their hit songs. I thought it was a nice touch by GOATSODOMIZER to add a MOTORHEAD cover at the very end of this album. It may be the best song off of this release. Most of the songs revolve around graveyards, cemeteries and death in the most horrid ways! I mean, what’s not to like when you hear a song called ‘’Sodomized Till Death’’!!! In all seriousness, the band gives everything they have and go into many different directions on this album, to straight up thrash metal, to punk rock and even doing a freakin’ Gary Glitter cover! It’s a smorgasbord of music that pulls no punches!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Graveyard Bitch
2. Iron Casket
3. Sidewalk Sinner (Gary Glitter Cover)
4. U.V.G.S.
5. Tombstone Riot
6. Scum of the Underworld
7. Into the Crypt
8. Gore Galore
9. Raping my Graveyard
10. Sodomized Till Death
11. Die Screaming
12. Going to Brazil (Motorhead Cover)
Per Lindstrom – Guitars and Bass
Gustaf Browall – Lead Vocals
Johan Noren – Drums
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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