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God Seed - I Begin

God Seed
I Begin
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 November 2012, 4:36 PM

I look at the chosen name for this Norwegian Black Metal band, GOD SEED, and I think to myself, can any one of us humans be a god among others? Can we trust ourselves to make it right if top everyone else, distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong? For some reason I doubt because I believe that our normality keeps us in check, it keeps us in line as you probably read your history about people that wanted to become gods and found themselves destroying their loved ones, their common folk and closest neighbours. However, GOD SEED, and their debut album, “I Begin”, via Indie Recordings, is a blackish turn of events that are the means to inspire man in his quest to fulfil his inner potential, bring his ideas into effect of changing his environment, probably no matter the consequences that might occur from his actions. Maybe it’s a blueprint for a new understanding of mankind’s need for gushing feeling of power and responsibility, or maybe it’s the feeling to be in control of things. Heck I can’t say what is right, because there is no right or wrong as we live in a free world where most of us can express themselves freely.

Back to GOD SEED, and for some music for a change. This band, led by two important individuals from the early 90s Black Metal scene from Norway, part of the satanic legion of horrid blacksters, corpse painted demons that would hate if you turn to religion for answer. Gaahl and King (Ov Hell), known from the high valued, and notorious, Black Metal band GORGOROTH, after long disputes regarding the rights to release this album under their old band’s name, lost their fight, waited while doing other projects only to take on the exact moment to return as a duo, alongside various of chosen musicians from their local scene, to commence the first step into a new venture, a new demonic endeavour through the vast lands of darkness. As DISSECTION once stated “Where Dead Angels Lie”. I won’t get in to whole the disputes prior to the release of his album because I really don’t care about, GOD SEED tried to turn my table with an onslaught of old school Black Metal with a twist of maturity and an unexplained profundity, which at first made me feel awkward rather than optimistic about the outcome.

From top to bottom, start to end, GOD SEED attacked fearlessly as if they were these same young brats that took pride of being against everything that the vast majority believes in. Philosophically it’s pretty similar to the essences of the Punk ideas, but Black Metal always gave resistance a deeper and harsher meaning that Punk could never muster. “Awake” made me feel as if a beast has awaken from a long slumber ready to feast on the flesh of its enemies soon to be gutted victims, like a wolves searching for pray in the snow. Like a whirlwind, the speedy riffing didn’t take pity while creating an impressive harmony. In general, it was a neat track, but it pretty much reprised the same annotations over and over. “This From The Past”, as if a continuing brother of the former, made the journey through the cold lands with a bit more excitement and blood boiling. I really enjoyed the horrific, yet traditional, blackish riffing and the amazing vocals of Gaahl above them all. “Alt Liv”, one of the profound examples of this release no doubt, is a special even in Black Metal, both sinister but such an elegance that only veterans like Gaahl and King could create. This song seems to be in Norwegian, yet it didn’t bother me, I mostly enjoyed the amazing sounds and orchestrated showcases. I found that same comfort in the album’s atmospheric anthem, riff biting, “Hinstu Dagar”, which also displayed the impressive clean vocals of Gaahl. Once again in Norwegian, yet it topped some of the English made examples. “Lit” displayed another dimension of Black Metal with main riff rather interesting even with its simplistic nature. Once more it felt cold as ice, yet so soothing and enriching. However, this track could have gone way better if it would have remained stale most of the way. “The Wound” is one of the album’s best toppings, like a marching horde of warrior ready to commit the most important invasion of their lives, such a darkened glorifying stride towards a new day, or a new death. The music seemed simple but went well with the general aura.

“I Begin” is a fine prospect for Black Metal loyalists all over the world. It served its purpose as being both old school and mature. I had a few issue regarding it not being too melodic, its harboring messy production, lots of noise sometimes that didn’t really appeal to me and of course sometimes it turned a bit stale. Overall, it’s a recommended release of a band that really just began.      

3 Star Rating

1. Awake
2. This From the Past
3. Alt Liv
4. From The Running of Blood
5. Hinstu Dagar
6. Aldrande Tre
7. Lit
8. The Wound
9. Bloodline 
Gaahl- Vocals
King- Bass
Sir- Guitar
Kenneth Kapstad- Drums
Geir Bratland- Keys & Noise
Lust Kilman- Guitar
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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