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God Shaped Devil - Dark Fields

God Shaped Devil
Dark Fields
by John Paul Romero at 25 July 2019, 1:28 PM

GOD SHAPED DEVIL is a quartet composed by two English men and two Hungarians. Officially, they hail from Manchester, UK. The band is fronted by vocalist and lead guitarist Bécy Füzéri, together with Matt Morris on rhythm guitars, Lajos Borsi on the bass and Luke Ellwood behind the drum kit. They describe their sound as an explosive combination of Thrash and Groove Metal with their own artistic flair. After releasing three singles, they have launched “Dark Fields” earlier this month.

So, what is inside the album? Well, really, really groovy and mosh songs. It’s overflowing with rage from the beginning ‘till the dying notes. The riffs will surely remind you of LAMB OF GOD and HELLYEAH. In case you haven’t heard of the singles “Drowning Gravity”, “Deadly Sign” and “Barbed Wire” yet, I suggest that you look it up on YouTube right now so you get an impression of how they actually sound. The grooves they have in “Drowning Gravity” is only a glimpse of how sick their grooves can get.

The opening track “Guiding Light” is about just that. It is filled with sweeping grooves and good rhythms. Its simplicity is reminiscent of SEPULTURA and the way they executed it is simply amazing. “Deadly Sign” is a little bit of a different story for here they played considerably faster and more melodic. This pattern is also what “Becoming Evil” followed although the vocals in this song is rawer and harsh, giving it also a thrashy feel. “Delusion” almost completely jumps to thrash with its intro that is truly reminiscent of DEATH ANGEL. But as the notes unfold, what was revealed is a rather melodic and heavy hybrid of Death Metal and Groove Metal. I shall say that this song has the best riffs in the album, and that makes the song the best entry out of the 8 tracks.

Meanwhile, the closer “Dark Fields” stands there as the longest track in the album. Apparently, it was an instrumental – and more than half of it contains silence. It doesn’t have their best riffs either, so this track practically killed the momentum built by the other songs. As a whole, the album sounded like a good movie with an ending that really sucks. If not for the awkwardness of “Dark Fields”, it would’ve been a very good album. But don’t get this wrong – all the seven songs are good songs. However, the ending is really frustrating and disappointing.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Guiding Light
2. Drowning Gravity
3. Deadly Sign
4. Barbed Wire
5. Becoming Evil
6. Delusion
7. Bloodstain
8. Dark Fields
Bécy Füzéri – Vocals, Guitars
Matt Morris – Guitars
Lajos Borsi – Bass
Luke Ellwood – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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