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God Among Insects - World Wide Death (CD)

God Among Insects
World Wide Death
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 22 September 2004, 10:59 PM

God Among Insects is a project that includes members from well known bands such as Dark Funeral and Vomitory, in case the (glaring) album's aesthetic hasn't helped enough to figure out the band's treat. Things are quite simple when a bunch of savages unite, so let's move on…
Old school Death Metal, in the vain of Entombed, Dismember,Six Feet Under etc with some hyperbrutal burnout that will remind you bands like Napalm Death (all hail!) and Vomitory (hail again!). The experience most of the band members hold, along with their main bands' accomplishment so far, rules out any suspicion for amateurism and performing dysfunction. The band operates as a well winded up machine and especially Tobben Gustafsson startles with his ironfisted and precise drumming (track-proof Chainsawed Christians).
Another thing worth mentioning here is the sound's variety, which protects the album of being characterized as just another monolithic indifferent Death Metal release. Try listening to tracks like Purified In Carnage and you'll see what I mean. Of course you shouldn't expect apocalyptic novelties but I think that in general the album doesn't tire the listener through monotony (always thinking of the genre's fans).
Speaking of monotony, I have the feeling that Emperor Magus Caligula's voice is a bit flat and makes hard to distinguish all the lyrics. It's enough primitive and brutish but I don't think it supports the album's material at full extent.
Overall, a professionally created album by artists that for years now have been supporting the extreme sound sufficiently and successfully. Not a milestone but it has some really good moments worth listening to. If your heart belongs to old fashioned Death Metal then this album could revive the good old memories.

3 Star Rating

Legions Of Darkness
A Gush Of Blood
Headless Now
Wretched Hatching
Chainsawed Christians
Purified In Carnage
Uprising Of The Rotten
Severe Facial Reconstruction
Emperor Magus Caligula - Vocals
Lord K Philipson - Guitars
Tobben Gustafsson - Drums
Tomas Elofsson - Bass
Record Label: Threeman Recordings


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